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Sep 09.23

Quick Tips: Let the Good Times Roll

When we discontinued Let the Good Times Roll last spring, our social media specialist, the lovely Laura Grafton, was the LUSH presence responding to all of your frantic messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We heard your cries of disappointment—and everyone’s favorite cleanser is back for good! Now a permanent part of our cleansers range, Let the Good Times Roll is made fresh in our kitchens in Vancouver, BC all year round. Here’s Laura to show you a few quick tips on how to use our sweetly-scented polenta cleanser:

Let the Good Times Roll facial cleanser Soothing and softening on all skin types, our popular polenta cleanser is velvety soft and smells like caramel popcorn! With maize flour, corn meal and a dash of warming cinnamon – Let the Good Times Roll leaves your skin soft and glowing.