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Apr 04.30

LUSH Quick Tips: Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother's Day, Jeff and Erica are back with their Quick Tips to help you pick out the perfect products and gifts to tell your Mum just how much you love her. Thanks Mum!

We've got a lovely bunch of limited edition products just for Mother's Day. It only seems fitting that we create a special range to show our appreciation for all that Mum's do. Erica's back and this time she's got a very special guest - her mum! Find out all about our blooming reusable bubble bar, The Mum!

 We put special care into each gift we lovingly wrap by hand - we believe in making our Mums proud! Want to know the best way to make your mum happy? (Besides you of course.) Happiness: A bright cheery gift filled with uplifting citrus scents for spring showers. Plus, it has a functioning pinwheel... most of the time.

Want to see more LUSH Quick Tips for Mother's Day? Check out our YouTube channel.