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Apr 04.15

New Ways to Re-use Your Black Pots

Posted In: Green >> LUSH Life

We've said it once, (actually a few more times than that), and we'll say it again: we like it Naked at LUSH.

In fact, we'd do everything Naked if we could. But then again, there are ingredients that are so beneficial, and so beautiful but come in a liquid form that some of our products do require packaging.

When we do use packaging, we aim to use the least amount possible and have not only significantly cut down on the amount of cardboard and paper products that we use, but our black pots and bottles are made from 100% post-consumer plastic - no virgins allowed! We also encourage you to return your black pots and bottles at your local LUSH shop. Bring back 5 and we'll exchange them for a free Fresh Face Mask. You get clean, radiant skin and we'll make sure that your containers get recycled and up-cycled for you. Win-win for everyone and the environment.However, you can also reuse your black pots and containers at home or at the office too.

Here are some of our favorites:

Storing office supplies

With, or without the labels you can use our pots to store paperclips, thumbtacks, erasers, staples, love notes, or whatever supplies you like to keep at hand, but in an easy, stackable way to help you keep your desktop tidy. You could also glue magnets to the bottom and affix them to a magnetic board for even more organizational fun!

Get your garden started

Depending on what climate you live in, some herbs, veggies, and plants could use a helping hand to get started before the growing season begins. Make a few small holes, or put small stones in the bottom for drainage and get your seeds started indoors.

DIY: Air Fresheners

Looking for a fun and easy way to keep things fresh? You can reuse your pots and bottles with these simple recipes that the whole family can take part in to create your own air fresheners

Packing snacks

Everybody snacks, sometimes. Keep nuts and dried fruits in a pot, or crackers for the little ones and carry them safely wherever you go. Just be sure to label the container so you're not surprised with Goldfish when you're expecting Helping Hands!

Have some FUN!

Whether you're travelling far or if you just want to keep your FUN under control, reusing pots and bottles is a great way to organizing your LUSH stash, or carry the products you can't live without, wherever you go.

Cooling spritz when the weather heats up

There's nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a spritz of cool toner water on your face and body. You can keep your toner water from your toner tabs for up to a week. Reuse your toner bottle and store it in the refrigerator and use any time things get too hot to handle. Jeff shares his Quick Tip for keeping it fresh.

What are some of the inventive ways you've reused your pots and bottles?