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Julia Hamfelt

Julia, or Lazer Wolf as she's more commonly known around LUSH HQ, is the LUSH Times Editor and manager of the LUSH Copy Team. Her LUSH roots began four years ago at the Victoria, BC shop as a Bath Bomb detonating, bubble blowing, dancing machine. She now spends her days collaborating with fellow writers and designers to create fresh LUSH Times editions, web copy and in-store signage. When she's not writing and editing LUSH prose, you might find her engaging in fierce lazer tag battles, belting out a karaoke tune (Tina Turner, always) or doting over her beloved kitty, Luba.

Feb 02.15

Georgina's Skincare Diary

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Product Use

On a balmy fall afternoon, Georgina, lovely LUSH customer, had a skincare consultation with LUSH Robson sales associate Anton. She shared her woes over her oily-yet-dry complexion, and he sent her home with two different moisturizer samples to try: Celestial and Cosmetic Lad. Georgina diligently kept a skincare diary for two weeks while she tried both moisturizers. And what did she think? Read on, friends!

"On day 1, my skin was feeling a lovely combination of dry around my cheeks and eyes, and a little bit greasy on my forehead and chin. I gave my face a gentle little scrub with a pinch of Angels on Bare Skin, rinsed off with cool water, followed by a spritz (or seven) of Eau Roma Water (wiped off), before finally applying a dose of Celestial moisturizer to my face.

It didn't take me long to realize that I needed to apply only a small amount for full face coverage. Once I had applied it all over my face and it had started to absorb into my skin, it felt as if I were wearing a bit of a heavy, greasy mask. Is that really the best way I can describe it? Yes, I'm afraid so. But I don't mean ‘greasy’ or ‘heavy’ in a bad way (apparently I need to expand my vocabulary), in fact it was actually rather comforting, and I certainly didn't look as if I had a greasy face. I paid attention to this “heaviness” and after roughly 5 minutes, it was gone. My initial feelings are good, the moisturizer has a nice weight and texture to it, plus I enjoy its scent! The next day, my complexion appeared pretty even.

After a week of using Celestial, my face feels soft to touch. No crazy reactions; no breakouts, no dry patches, and no sudden appearance of a second head or anything. A little oily on the forehead, but that’s a curse I’ve simply learned to live with.

On day 1 of using Cosmetic Lad, I had spent the prior week using Celestial. When it came time to make the switch over to Cosmetic Lad, I had performed my cleanse n’ tone ritual and my skin was feeling much more balanced than it had the week before; my forehead was (and continues) to be a little oily, but the rest of my face was moisturized, having seen an improvement in the dryness of my cheeks. I used just a dab over my brow line and decidedly to completely avoid the rest of my forehead - no point in contributing another layer of "moisture" up there. It absorbed quickly into my skin, felt good, smelled good, so I happily got on with my day.

After a week’s use, my skin feels balanced and supple. I don't have any dryness on my cheeks and no tightness anywhere. Cosmetic Lad definitely has a lighter feel and consistency to it (whereas Celestial was thicker, with a mask-like feel to it), so it felt as though it was quickly absorbed into my skin.

The final verdict? I’ve found my next moisturizer. I would certainly fold Celestial into my daily routine. I like its consistency, it’s smell, longevity, and ultimately, the results. I think it’ll be a good one to get me through the wintertime.

One last thing... At first, I was concerned that with the wee sample pot of each moisturizer I'd been given, there would be no way I could make either of them last an entire week, but how misguided I was. Indeed, in both cases, a little bit goes a long way. I have tons of love for a product that does a good job on top of being efficient and economical! Go LUSH!"