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Feb 02.15

Georgina's Skincare Diary

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Product Use

On a balmy fall afternoon, Georgina, lovely LUSH customer, had a skincare consultation with LUSH Robson sales associate Anton. She shared her woes over her oily-yet-dry complexion, and he sent her home with two different moisturizer samples to try: Celestial and Cosmetic Lad. Georgina diligently kept a skincare diary for two weeks while she tried both moisturizers. And what did she think? Read on, friends!

"On day 1, my skin was feeling a lovely combination of dry around my cheeks and eyes, and a little bit greasy on my forehead and chin. I gave my face a gentle little scrub with a pinch of Angels on Bare Skin, rinsed off with cool water, followed by a spritz (or seven) of Eau Roma Water (wiped off), before finally applying a dose of Celestial moisturizer to my face.

It didn't take me long to realize that I needed to apply only a small amount for full face coverage. Once I had applied it all over my face and it had started to absorb into my skin, it felt as if I were wearing a bit of a heavy, greasy mask. Is that really the best way I can describe it? Yes, I'm afraid so. But I don't mean ‘greasy’ or ‘heavy’ in a bad way (apparently I need to expand my vocabulary), in fact it was actually rather comforting, and I certainly didn't look as if I had a greasy face. I paid attention to this “heaviness” and after roughly 5 minutes, it was gone. My initial feelings are good, the moisturizer has a nice weight and texture to it, plus I enjoy its scent! The next day, my complexion appeared pretty even.

After a week of using Celestial, my face feels soft to touch. No crazy reactions; no breakouts, no dry patches, and no sudden appearance of a second head or anything. A little oily on the forehead, but that’s a curse I’ve simply learned to live with.

On day 1 of using Cosmetic Lad, I had spent the prior week using Celestial. When it came time to make the switch over to Cosmetic Lad, I had performed my cleanse n’ tone ritual and my skin was feeling much more balanced than it had the week before; my forehead was (and continues) to be a little oily, but the rest of my face was moisturized, having seen an improvement in the dryness of my cheeks. I used just a dab over my brow line and decidedly to completely avoid the rest of my forehead - no point in contributing another layer of "moisture" up there. It absorbed quickly into my skin, felt good, smelled good, so I happily got on with my day.

After a week’s use, my skin feels balanced and supple. I don't have any dryness on my cheeks and no tightness anywhere. Cosmetic Lad definitely has a lighter feel and consistency to it (whereas Celestial was thicker, with a mask-like feel to it), so it felt as though it was quickly absorbed into my skin.

The final verdict? I’ve found my next moisturizer. I would certainly fold Celestial into my daily routine. I like its consistency, it’s smell, longevity, and ultimately, the results. I think it’ll be a good one to get me through the wintertime.

One last thing... At first, I was concerned that with the wee sample pot of each moisturizer I'd been given, there would be no way I could make either of them last an entire week, but how misguided I was. Indeed, in both cases, a little bit goes a long way. I have tons of love for a product that does a good job on top of being efficient and economical! Go LUSH!"