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Mar 03.20

Spring has Sprung!

Posted In: LUSH Life

The only thing that's more exciting than the arrival of spring is the departure of winter!

The spring equinox means these two things happen on the very same day for us in the northern hemisphere, which is certainly cause for celebration. Across the globe, there are colorful traditions to usher in the season of rebirth and renewal. You too, can partake in these quirky customs regardless of your physical location with a little help from LUSH!

In India, Holi is a Hindu festival observed on March 27th. It celebrates the colorful arrival of spring and waves farewell to the gloomy winter. Giant bonfires are lit in city squares, and residents gather to sing and dance in celebration. The festivities continue when people throw perfumed, colored powders at one another for a rainbow of messy, colorful fun.

Sound appealing? Recreate the splattery, vibrant revelries of Holi at home in the bath with our bright range of FUN! Choose your favorite shades and have a sudsy, playful body painting session with your favorite bathing partner(s) to ring in the new season!

Across the Bay of Bengal in Thailand, Songkran is a spring festival celebrated from April 13th to 15th that marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. Because spring is the hottest time of year in Thailand, the occasion is celebrated with citizens dousing one another with cool, refreshing water in city-wide water fights.

If the rising temperatures in your hometown this spring leave you feeling flushed, chill out in the shower with Ice Blue soap. Its refreshing minty suds will cool down sizzling skin- much like a bucket of cold water over your head! If being drenched by strangers in the street isn't your cup of tea, Hanami may be more your style.

Hanami is the annual Japanese custom of admiring the beauty and fragrance of cherry blossoms as spring approaches and winter weather subsides. Its beginning is closely tracked by Japanese weather stations and varies each year, but is normally between late March and early May.

Not planning a springtime getaway to Japan this year? Relax in your tub at home with a Sakura Bath Bomb instead to be transported to a spring stroll through a garden of fragrant cherry blossoms.

Here in North America, the arrival of spring is celebrated by thousands of college students on their annual spring break, normally sometime in late March or early April. This is a week-long break from classes when students often flock to warm coastal climates to enjoy the spring weather by lounging on beaches and enjoying vibrant nightlife surrounded by students from all over the continent.

If you're not one of the lucky coeds who gets to frolic for a week-long holiday in the sun (alright, we're a little jealous!), you can still get your skin beach-ready at home with Buffy, our best-selling backside buffing body butter. Ground rice and almonds slough off dry skin, and cocoa and shea butters lend their gorgeous moisture for silky smooth skin you'll want to flaunt. You'd better break out those short shorts!

Whatever your traditions are for celebrating the arrival of spring, we're sure to have the LUSH necessities to get you refreshed, revitalized and ready to take on the season with a smile.