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Mar 03.9

Putting Spring Into Your Skin Care Steps

Spring: nature’s invitation to give it a go, and start fresh in a new season. Warmer days coax our sandals from their hideouts, and there's a pull to make use of the longer days. It’s also a season associated with cleaning and clearing out clutter.

It certainly feels great to pare down to basics. We're all for the thrill of finding a new fantastic fit for your needs. We just don’t see value in tossing out old reliable staples—if something is continuing to perform, it’s worth keeping around season through season. A quick evaluation of your present needs aids the clutter-clearing process, while maintaining a focus on what is working for you.

Consider the following before your next toiletries purge:

What’s going on outside? How does spring weather impact your skin?

• Spring weather is notoriously mercurial, causing melee for skin sensitive to the elements. Fluctuation in temperature can send mixed signals to sebum-producing glands in the skin. Humidity, pollen and seasonal irritants outside make an impact too. Lavender-laden products like Dream Cream offer relief to skin looking for balance and itching or mild irritation.

• Warmer weather means more skin exposed under looser, lighter clothes (that, and less clothing overall). If winter has left you with blackheads and breakouts on areas other than the face, Coal Face Facial Soap and Dark Angels Cleansing Roll are solid picks. Charcoal clarifies excess sebum and debris from the pores, anywhere, not just the T-zone. Use as a deep cleansing body scrub as needed to keep all your bits in great shape.

• Focus on the positive and make note of the good things that your skin has going on. Add in helpful additions only as necessary. LUSH staff can help identify ingredients and products that address your specific issues. Call us or visit your local LUSH shop for a personalized consultation.

What’s going on inside? How is your body feeling and acting lately?

• Stress in our external lives can wreak havoc on our inner systems, too. A good night of sleep can boost your vitality and help your body and mind regenerate. Any product—even from the Bath or Shower range—can serve as “skin care” if it relaxes you and helps you rest.

• 30 minutes before bed, bliss out AND dose your skin with a nutritious boost of vitamins and energy in a warm bath. Ceridwen’s Cauldron coats skin in walnut oil and cocoa butter. Essential Oils from delicate tangerine, lavender and sandalwood relieve stress and invite the night’s rest.

King Of Skin offers a similar benefit for a shower before bed. The oils and butters cushion the skin, and fresh avocado and bananas deliver extra nutrients. Skin drinks up the ingredients during a night of sleep, to wake up soft and calm. “Beauty Sleep” is not just an old saying, as skin is actively regenerating itself while we slumber away.

Evaluate Your Skin Goals This Season

• Write down a few aspirations for your skin to isolate what is most important to you. Try to be specific about how you want to feel, not necessarily look. Instead of simply, “look good” try to specify more, for example: “Feel less oily and clear up break-outs on chin and forehead.”

• Highlight the active words in your goals to identify what you need out of products. Seek ingredients that will tackle those specific issues. If you're uncertain, LUSH consultations can match up ingredients to your ideas, and offer a variety of products to suit your preferences.

Making these notes will benefit your routine and identify the kinds of products you will actually use. The key to it all is securing your skin’s overall condition—the way you like it. Cleaning up this way can apply to other areas of your health and home life. Imagine the start of an organization overhaul, simply by opening up your bathroom cabinet. This allows us more time and space to be ourselves—and that feels like something worth springing into action!