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Jul 07.9

5 reasons to hop in the tub this summer

Posted In: Tips and Tricks >> DIY

The dog days of summer hardly inspire long, hot soaks in the tub, but we’ve got five good reasons to hop in the tub when the temperatures rise. Choose one or choose them all and repeat as needed.

1. Soothe that burn

Sometimes no matter how much sunscreen you’ve got on, sunburns just happen. Run yourself a cool bath and while the tubs is filling up, lather up with our Dreamwash Shower Smoothie. It’s made with all the most soothing ingredients we could find – aloe vera, calamine powder, lavender, rose, tea tree, and chamomile will help relieve irritated skin and lock in moisture. Combined with the cool bathwater, you’ll be immersed in your own skin-soothing nirvana.

2. Too hot to sleep?

When the heat of summer starts to affect our beauty rest? Now we have a problem. To cool down before hopping into the sack, run a cool bath and immerse yourself. If the water warms up, add a little more cold. This will bring down your core temperature and help you feel cooler before going to bed…well, at least until you need to get into the tub again.

3. Splish splash

If your yard space is limited and there’s no room for a kiddie pool, the bathtub could be a great place to keep the kids feeling refreshed too! Grab some (smaller) pool toys or some of our FUN, put on the bathing suits and let the kids hop in. It’ll help keep them cool and occupied when the heat rises. Pool and bathtub rules apply: never, ever leave children unattended.

4. Ease those muscles

The summer weather is often the perfect time for working out and playing outside with friends. All that summertime activity can take its toll on our muscles and a cool bath can help ease them. Pick up a Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar, grab a friend and work out those overworked muscles even more and watch the night heat up.

5. Take a load off your mind

A bath is a great way to de-stress after a long, hot day. Whether you spend it at work or playing outdoors, sinking into a cool bath will give you a few moments of peace where you can reconnect and reset. Go analog, too! Grab a book or a crossword and really indulge in those precious moments of alone time.

A cool dip in the tub will work wonders for lowering your core body temperature, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to make the most of the gorgeous summer days

Do you have any fun tips for keeping your cool this summer? Share them with us!