Jul 07.15

5 Tips For The Ultimate Summertime Bath

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The dog days of summer hardly inspire long, hot soaks in the tub, but the rising temperatures shouldn’t stop us from enjoying our precious bath time! With a few tips and tricks, it’s easy to turn your tub into a refreshing getaway from the summer heat.

1. Set the mood with a fresh summertime playlist

For the ultimate hot weather soak, relaxing summery beats are a necessity. Songza’s collection of playlists for lying on the beach provides chill songs for a chill soak: simply bring a small speaker into the bathroom and let the tunes keep things calm and mellow. 

2. Whip up a LUSH-inspired cocktail to sip on while you soak

For the ultimate in bathtime refreshment, mix up one of these cool LUSHious cocktails to enjoy while you’re relaxing. Mix yourself a fruity You’ve Been Mangoed-inspired margarita, or an Ocean Salt-inspired Greyhound, then make tracks and head for the tub.

3. Let the breeze in

Fling the windows open wide or set up a small fan in your bathroom to create a light breeze. This will feel incredibly refreshing on the skin, and the fresh air is energizing for your mind too. Set a bunch of fresh flowers on the side of the tub and enjoy wafts of their gorgeous fragrance—you might even forget you’re indoors!

4. Apply a Fresh Face Mask straight from the fridge

Sure, a bath is typically for your body, but why not treat your face too? Choose your favorite Fresh Face Mask, pull it straight form the fridge and apply it immediately: its chilled temperature will make it extra refreshing on your skin. Let the fresh ingredients get to work while you relax in the tub.

5. Choose a refreshing Bath Bomb

Now that the mood is set, it’s finally time to hop in the tub! Our favorite pick for a refreshing summertime soak is the brand new Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb. Fill your tub with comfortably cool water, slip in and pop your bomb in the tub. Lie back and watch as Granny unleashes a psychedelic blast of bright, summery colors in the water. Sink deep and luxuriate in the groovy ginger, pepper and lemon-scented waters: you’ll emerge feeling refreshed and energized. Your bathroom will be so inviting, you might have trouble keeping it to yourself! 

A cool dip in the tub will work wonders for lowering your core body temperature, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to make the most of the gorgeous summer days

Do you have any tips and tricks for staying cool this summer? Share them with us below!

Katy Cobb