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Jul 07.17

Summer DIY: How to Host an Outdoor Slumber Party

Posted In: DIY

Finding ways to spend even more time outside is the only way to guarantee full-on summer awesomeness. This season, we’re taking sleepovers to the next level and hosting the ultimate slumber party…outdoors! Check out our favorite tips that will get you outside and sleeping under the summer stars right in your own backyard.

Sleepover invitations

Get cozy

Invite your besties and get ready for an evening of old school slumber party excitement. While you don’t have to decorate your outdoor surroundings, we promise that sprucing it up will make the evening feel even more fun. Set up lots of seating with pillows and blankets and prepare an area for guests to place tents. Don’t have a tent? No worries. Channel your inner carpenter and craft your own with this great DIY tent idea that we loved from My Cakies.

Light the way

Stringing up a few lights in your backyard will add a lovely soft glow for when the sun goes down. Creating a pathway of lights (from, say, the tents to the entrance of the house) will also help your guests find their way around more easily – especially when nature calls!

Sleepover spa essentials

Massages, pedis and facials – oh my!

This isn’t your typical sleepover. Kick it up a notch with a spa station that will really pamper your guests. Place towels, bowls of water, Massage Bars and some of our Fresh Face Masks for facials. We’ve also got easy DIY pedicures that will leave your feet feeling soft and luxurious. Plus, being outdoors means there’s less mess to worry about.

Eat, drink and be merry

If you’ve got a barbecue, we’ve got a great meal that’s sure to be a favorite with your guests. It even includes a delicious pineapple dessert! For drinks, provide a variety of options for your guest and try a few of our favorite cocktails for a treat. In the morning, a breakfast bar with fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade granola, baked goods and anything else you like makes it super easy to grab a bite.

Outdoor breakfast

It’s showtime!

What’s a slumber party without a movie? Create your very own drive-in with just a few things: rent (or borrow) a projector and tightly hang a white bed sheet or tarp in your backyard. And don’t forget the audio! If you’ve got a nice stereo system or speakers, be sure to bring them out to give it that total drive-in feel.

You’re never too old for a slumber party! These tips are simple, fun and a great way to stay local and make the most out of summer’s gorgeous weather – especially at night!