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Aimee O'Donnell Saunders

In the Kingston Market Place, in the autumn of 1999, Aimee O’Donnell Saunders became hooked on the idea of LUSH, on cosmetics made FRESH, out of beautiful, active ingredients. The products have been a part of her life (and bathroom) ever since. As luck would have it, Aimee got a temporary job at the Powell Street shop in San Francisco in November 2004. Another toss of the LUSH dice found her keeping that job well beyond the holidays as she’s still around! Aimee’s enjoyed the opportunity to be a Product Trainer for North America for over 7 years, travel extensively, and work with LUSH folk in a plethora of projects. She is known for ever-changing hairstyles, favoring bold patterns and bright colors, and rowdy cheering at baseball games. You can find her in San Francisco most days - just follow the scent of Furze perfume.

Jul 07.23

Summer Showers: Beat the Heat and Get Wet

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Tips and Tricks

A LUSH Shower may just be the quickest vacation you take this summer.  

While we’re out being our most active selves during the summer months - so are our sweat glands. And at the end of a beach day, layers of sunscreen and residues from the day all beg to be washed away. A lot can happen between the morning and evening on a hot day, biologically speaking. It’s natural to want to take more showers these days to feel fresh and prepared for the next activity. Of course, using refreshing LUSH deodorants and dusting powders will keep you fresh between washes, but these fair-weather LUSH picks for the shower will give you the most for every drop, so you can spare some water and steps in your routine, too:   

For a Quick Clean-Up

There’s a reason showers are so popular in the morning - they wake you up!  Anytime you need to recharge your battery, look for ingredients like mints and citrus. Used with warm water, the tiny particles from those lightweight top notes are lifted through the steam so you breathe in their vitality and freshness. We love using fresh citrus juices as well as hand-prepared herbal infusions to make sure showering is truly a sensory experience. 

-       -     Mental snooze button still on? Try Sexy Peel soap. It sounds off orange, lemon and lime alarm bells, so you wake up fast.  What’s also an added bonus is how the fresh juices in the soap help lift away excess oils from the skin making it an excellent choice for a peppy, skin-toning wash in the morning or anytime you need to perk up.  

-   Happy Hippyalso keeps it juicy in the morning, with fresh grapefruit juice, infusion as well as essential oil. That’s three times the grapefruit for to cleanse more than just your energy!  Summer skin is often producing more sweat, which can lead to breakouts. Cleaning up with citrus like this helps decongest pores blocked by overactive sebum.

-    Dirty Springwash was invented for chaps (and gals) who are efficient in their personal hygiene. One blast of the peppermint-laced, arctic-blue formula will flip any lid right open. Skin gets the added mineral boost from sea salt to help tone and soften. Like citrus, it’s a great ingredient to decongest skin and help it look more vital and healthy. 

For More Than A Wash

With the warmer weather, we’re often wearing fewer and looser layers to our clothes. Anyone can appreciate the benefits from exfoliating skin, which removes the top layers of skin, so only the freshest, youngest skin is exposed. There are lots of varying ways to exfoliate but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Tender or sensitive skin can use exfoliators with gentle ingredients 1-2 a week with favorable results, while hardy skin usually likes to scrub a few times a week. 

-        -    A trip to Brazil inspired product inventor Rowena Bird to create our Buffybody butter, which is a vigorous scrub made with ground rice, almonds and red aduki beans making a granular workout for your backside (and beyond.) It’s not all bite though, emerging skin is conditioned with lavish cocoa and Shea butters and soothing lavender oil. Buffy is so beloved, it comes in two sizes for double the buffing. 

-     If you’ve got some extra dirt to wash off, or just want to routinely blast skin for softness, reach for a scrub like Rub Rub Rub. Sea salt and freshly juiced lemons are a strong polish for sluggish skin, but the heavenly infusion of delicate jasmine, orange flower and mimosa keep things from getting too rough. It’s a heavenly way to smell (and feel) stepping out of an evening shower after a day in outside. 

Turning Up The Conditioning

If hot days include a lot of time in air-conditioned spaces, your skin might feel it after a while. Moisture seeps away in tiny increments and by the end of the day we're left feeling dry and itchy. If you're already prone to those afflictions, it’s an unpleasant side effect to summer weather. Slather on some remedy in the form of hydrating ingredients like seaweed and aloe vera, and nourishing oils and butters to lock in hydration in the morning, or replenish it after a day in the artificial elements. 

-       -     Ultra-rich in minerals and hydration, Shower Jellies can be used room temperature or frozen for an invigorating wash. For all of their jiggle, they're extremely indulgent and rich seaweed and glycerin cocktails for the skin, with splashes of fresh juices to tone. You could spend a lot of money of a seaweed wrap at a salon. Or you could use these and have a bit of a giggle while you go about washing up. While it may put a smile on your face, it’s lather will put a smile on your skin and leave you softer to the touch. 

-     Soothing ingredients inside our three Shower Smoothies make them luxurious picks as well as gentle options to treat skin delicately.  They're created to have just enough lather to leave you clean, but really focus on conditioning and hydrating skin for life beyond the shower walls. We’ve found a way to suspend all kinds of skin hydrators in these whipped formulas so they apply more like a body lotion, but rinse clean. Dry Skin accompanied by sunburn? Dreamwash is your ticket back to restful relief, blending calamine powder and aloe vera gel with soothing essential oils. 

-    Using the King of Skin Body Butter before (or after) a day in the ice box provides a sealant for skin of nourishing oils and butters, as well as rich moisture from avocados and bananas that are hand mashed into each batch. Parched or cracked skin gets the royal treatment with all of the antioxidants from these fresh ingredients, as well as calming sandalwood oil for a blissful lingering perfume on the skin. 

Time to Unwind

All of the products in our Shower range carry beautiful essential oils onto skin and through our olfactory system. When infused with the steam and warmth of a shower, their powers can also relax or recharge you. We put as much care into the perfume blends for these for this reason. Using LUSH products allows you to harness the properties of some of the world’s finest-quality essential oils at the same time.

        -     If King Of Skin is the self-declared sovereign of Body Butters, then we think Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is the undisputed queen of Body Conditioners. Teeming with queenly rose absolute and argan oil in a myriad of exquisite ingredients, it creates a soft perfumed seal atop the skin long after it’s rinsed off. 

-     Often after a day out relaxing or enjoying the sun, the last thing you want to do is wash that feeling of warmth off! Sometimes we just need to recreate a feeling like that, especially if your sunny day has been spent cooped up inside. Using The Olive Branch is a relaxing body wash experience, like a calming breeze through a citrus tree. We blend olive oil with mandarin juice and an uplifting, Mediterranean perfume to leave the feeling of sunshine upon the skin. 

In the dog days of summer, and all year, really, all of our showers should be as brief as possible to save water use. This is why we often share a shower with a loved one so we can spare even more water, and wash each other’s backs too. Using LUSH products helps make sure you have a fun time doing so, while also maximizing your skin care with clever multi-functional products so you can be out enjoying more of your summer between your washes.