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Jun 06.20

Our Top Tips for Summer Skin and Hair

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Ah, summer. The season we seem to dream about the most, (when we aren't dreaming of fall, winter, and spring that is).

How we love the sunshine and heat, the family vacations and long weekends, cabins and road trips, music and food festivals - all in all, a lot of fun! What isn't so fun is how the temperature, humidity, rays, and environment can wreak havoc on our skin and hair.

Here are our top recommendations for keeping your skin and hair in top condition over the coming months:

The Frizz Factor

Hair care to control frizz and humidity

hair care to control frizz

It's not a new talent reality show, hot humid days can really drive up the frizz factor and make normally well behaving hair turn unruly. Take control with shampoos created to add weight and shine without taking away bounce and movement. Cynthia Sylvia Stout and Curly Wurly are our top picks. If your hair is need of a more serious conditioning treatment, spend a little time lounging with Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease. The jasmine scent is incredible and the effects of the moisturizing, nutrient-rich oils are even better.

Hit the Pool

Deep cleaning shampoo for swimmers

We love cooling off from the heat with a dip in the pool. Or the lake, or ocean, or in the blow up variety. Unfortunately, the chlorine from pools can do a number on your locks. By nature, chlorine is drying can strip the oils that protect your mane and leave you with parched, brittle hair. And if you swim often, chlorine can also give your hair a yellow-green hue. Not the look you're going for? Each batch of I Love Juicy shampoo is made with fresh fruit juices of pineapple, mango and kiwi, which are acidic and deeply cleansing to get the chlorine out. Sea salt is added to give your hair volume, and seaweed extract gives shine and softness.

Sandpaper Lips

Kiss your sandpaper lips goodbye

Some like it rough, but not when it comes to your lips. The most sensitive skin on your body, lips are even more vulnerable when exposed to sun, salt water, and heat. Don't wait for the lifeguard to give you mouth-to-mouth, buff rough skin off with a lip scrub - Mint Julips has cooling peppermint to really "pep" up your pout. Top off with Honey Trap, made with soothing beeswax and shea butter and your lips will be pucker-ready in no time.

Zits Happen

Skincare for summer breakouts

Let's be honest, breakouts are not restricted to seasons but the heat and humidity increases oil production, which also leads to more breakouts. The best course of action? Combat acne with Grease Lightning, our zit zapping cleanser made with the power of tea tree and herbal infusion to unclog pores. A Fresh Face Mask or Mask of Magnaminty used once or twice a week also help to exfoliate dry skin and deep clean your pores to keep your face as clear as possible.

Lighten Up

Light moisturizers to balance skin

When it's cold our natural reaction is to bundle up in layers, and the same goes for our moisturizers. Cold weather conditions can mean that our skin may need a heavier moisturizer to protect it from the elements. In the summer months our skin reacts to the sun by producing more oil, but you can have too much of a good thing. Vanishing Cream and Enzymion are lighter options made with fresh fruit juices and oils to help bring back balance.

Sweat Happens, Too

Refreshing shower gels

Being out in the sun means that you'll sweat more - it's our body's built in cooling system. But it also means that we have a tendency to wash more. Wash or shower too much and your skin can lose needed moisture which can only make the sweat and oil worse. Try having short, cool showers instead. Made with fresh grapefruit juice and citrus oils, Happy Hippy is a zippy shower solution to get rid of grime and refresh your skin. Or, you could take a trip to the Mediterranean with Olive Branch and its skin softening organic olive oil.

Our best tips of all? Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated from the inside out, wear sunscreen every day, cover up during the middle of the day, and make wide brim hats with full coverage your new fashion accessory. Relax and unwind, but don't forget to take care of your skin and hair this summer. 

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