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May 05.28

Don’t Sweat It: How LUSH Deodorants and Dusting Powders Work

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We’ve all been there: Suffering through a subway ride, facing Mr. Pit. No, not Brad - but the rather unpleasant armpit of some stranger.

It may not be pretty, or even remotely attractive, but sweat doesn’t mean to harm us. In fact, it’s doing its best to help us eliminate toxins and regulate our inner thermometers. It’s actually a genetic feat that we sweat - this is the result of millions of years of evolutionary process at work. Many species don’t have sweat glands. That’s why pigs roll in the mud, or why elephants flap their ears, to help them cool down. The fact that we Homo sapiens sweat should be celebrated, not covered up as unseemly. I'm sure there's a pig somewhere shaking his snout at us humans scoffing at what glorious sweat glands we’ve been given.

But, hey, we’re only human. So while we celebrate sweat at LUSH, we certainly understand the need to disguise its effects, namely the moisture and odor it can cause. That’s why we created our effective, minimally-packaged, 100% aluminum-free choices for Deodorants and Dusting Powders.

Deodorants at LUSH

First, Let’s Take Care Of That Moisture…

Our perspiration is a mix of water carrying other things like sodium and potassium out of our bodies. Humans have over two million sweat glands, and the ones in areas covered by hair can excrete other bodily byproducts, as well. When this mix of liquids is carried to the surface, moisture happens. Anytime you work out or heat up, or are struck with nerves or anxiety, this process kicks in. While a great release of the impurities in our systems, we know it can be unpleasant.

All of our deodorants and dusting powders contain absorbent powders that help blot up excess moisture in these areas, to contain it from the get-go. Each formula is different, but the foundation of each are powders like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), charcoal, or other absorbers like magnesium trisilicate or magnesium carbonate. T’eo is actually a solid bar of densely compacted powders with a blue wax base to rest upon. These kinds of powdery ingredients don’t stop you from sweating, but help to absorb and control the sweat’s effects. We also rely on other natural ingredients like witch hazel, and chamomile vinegar, which act as mild astringents on the pores, which can have a cooling effect on the area and thus deter the need to sweat.

What you won’t find in our formulas are aluminum-based compounds or any other ingredient acting as an “antiperspirant”. While the powders chaperone moisture, the body is still allowed to do its thing. If you're switching over to LUSH from an antiperspirant, you may have a bit of an adjustment period. Patience, and a few extra applications during the first week or two, will win out. After about two weeks, the body usually acclimates to our ingredients and many people never look back.

Dusting Powders and Deodorants

Now, About That Odor…

Sweat itself doesn’t actually have much scent. When it reaches the surface of our skin, and combines with bacteria and other microflora living on us, stink can happen. It can be magnified in areas of the body covered by hair, or tucked in crevices, like the armpit. All kinds of things can influence our stink factor and the biggest one of these we can’t control is genetics. Some of us are from more pungent stock than others. But take heart! The key to LUSH deodorants is that they all contain powerful essential oils that perfume skin for lasting effect. We choose oils specifically for a soothing effect on the skin as well as long-lasting potency in cloaking body odor. That’s why you’ll find long-lasting patchouli in Aromaco deodorant, as “it’s a fragrance that sticks to the skin,” as product inventor Helen Ambrosen has said of it. Because there's no plastic package to it, bulk slices can be cut as large or small as needed, and the entire piece can be used, wasting nothing that’s stuck in the applicator and destined for landfill.

A powder like Silky Underwear is lighter in fragrance, but still keeps things fresh. Use it in the armpits, like usual deodorants, as well as sprinkled in hair or lightly dusted over the whole body for a satiny finish to the skin. Many people don’t stop there, and sprinkle these inside sheets, shoes or suitcases between trips to promote olfactory harmony all over the house, not just all over the body.

Another thought for those still in doubt, is a spritz of Dirty Body Spray, which can be used as a deodorant or a fragrance. It’s part of the Dirty line-up so it has a rocking mix of herbs and zippy mint. If you’ve already powdered your pit up, but want extra assurance, one spritz of this will have you feeling clean. We love when people get up close and personal with our deodorants and dusting powders. We know they're valued as functional products, but we like the think there’s some sexiness to them, too. (A few of them are Naked, after all.)

Whatever your perspiration factor is, there's a LUSH deodorant or dusting powder than can take it on, and leave you feeling fresh as a daisy throughout your day.