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Apr 04.19

Take A Hike

Posted In: Green >> Behind the Scenes


None of us realize how simple it is to celebrate the earth in our every day lives.

There is a sense that we are obligated to do something very different from our daily routine to honor our earth during the month of April each year.

The problem is that simply one day a year is not enough.

It isn’t sustainable. If you thought of it like a marriage, like maintaining a friendship that you truly cherish, would you dedicate more than only one day a year towards that effort? I know you would.

In Gibran’s quote, you see how simple it is to be one with the earth; to commune her and to celebrate the gifts she brings to us. In observance of this time of year, it might even be more fulfilling to take a day off from work (yes, I advocate working less), go out to the beach or to the forest, and spend a day feeling the vibrations of the earth in an entirely different way than you have before. The electronic buzz of our modern day world is deafening, but within a few hours of being submersed in a gloriously natural environment, we find our senses more alive and negative ions recharged; giving us more hope and inspiration about our lives.

Do us all a favor this month… take a hike.