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Jul 07.27

Take Back the Tap: Meet Our Campaign Partners

Posted In: Green >> Ethical Campaigns

Water is a basic human right; without it we could not survive. Unfortunately, only 1% of the world's water is drinkable, but instead of protecting our water sources and ensuring that all people have access to it, water is becoming privatized and we're paying a premium for bottled water. It's estimated that 1/3 of all bottled water comes from the tap. In addition to the privatization of our water and the high resources required to produce bottled water, the plastic bottles are creating up to 3 billion pounds of plastic waste each year - ending up in landfills, our waterways, shorelines and oceans.

Choosing a reusable water bottle and drinking tap water is one of the easiest things you can do to take action against bottled water. We've teamed up with Liberty Bottleworks to create a limited edition water bottle so that you can tap it everyday. Based out of Yakima, Washington Liberty Bottleworks employs local people to create their BPA-free bottles made from 100% recycled aluminum. Even better? $5 from every $12.95 purchase will be donated to the campaign partner of your choice!

Our campaign partners are community-based, grassroots organizations working across North America to protect our watersheds, advocate for public access to water, and clean up our coasts. Your purchase of our limited edition water bottle not only gives you a fantastic way to tap into your local water, but also directly supports projects in your communities to ensure clean, safe water access for all.

Wellington Water Watchers

Founded in 2007, Wellington Water Watchers is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization based in Guelph, Ontario. Committed to the protection of water resources and public education, WWW works to affect local water policy and protect water sources against harmful projects. They also sponsor guest speakers, debates, and are active at community events providing tap water as an alternative to bottled water. Campaign funds are supporting actions to monitor local water projects that threaten access and water quality.

Find out more, and how to get involved at:

Living Lakes Canada

Living Lakes Canada is part of a growing network of grassroots organizations working to build capacity for the protection of Canada's freshwater resources. Linking academia and science, Living Lakes works with action-oriented groups across Canada to foster citizen-based water stewardship, water quality, resource sustainability, climate change and biodiversity. Campaign funds are supporting the "I Love My Lake" initiative which empowers communities with training and tools to protect their water sources.

Find out more, and how to get involved at:


A non-profit organization, Kurmalliance was hatched in 2010 with a focus on protecting and preserving marine habitats for sea turtles through direct action. Plastic cleanups and the Pluckfastic movement encourage communities to refuse single use plastic products and ward against plastic pollution. Campaign funds are supporting volunteer cleanup efforts along the California coast with a bio-diesel work-boat.

Find out more, and how to get involved at:


In addition to stop drinking bottled water and tapping into your local water, purchasing a water bottle and supporting our campaign partners, there are many simple actions you can take to make positive change in your community and do your part to make a difference. Visit: to find out how.