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Jun 06.12

Product Reviews: Our Customers Rate Their Favorites

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It happens all the time: People discover LUSH, find products they love, and then can’t believe we’ve been in business since 1995, but they’re only finding us now.

Granted, there are thousands of our loyal fans that have enjoyed our products since those early days as well all of our customers have discovered us along the way. Luckily, (for us and for you), to help new and old LUSH customers learn more about our products we have incredible customer feedback AKA - product reviews that are honest, helpful and detailed, on our website. We love to hear your product reviews and stories - what they mean to you and how you’ve found they work best.

Here are a few of our favorite customer reviews of 3 all-time LUSH signature products, that we can't imagine living a LUSH Life without:


Our hair care formulas are created to improve hair and scalp health. Take customer favorite H’Suan Wen Hua hair moisturizer, a product a lot of people know and love, and routinely use--without even caring how to properly pronounce it! The appeal comes from our blend of special ingredients that treat hair, scalp to tip. H’suan Wen Hua is more like a health smoothie for thirsty hair: fresh avocado, olive oil, and free-range eggs whipped together with a spicy herbal scalp tonic of rosemary, bay leaf and cinnamon. Sluggish scalps surrender! Parched, brittle hair rejoices! The faint scent of Chai tea wafts through tresses. Anytime your hair needs a revival, a pot of this will do the trick--no trip to the salon required!

Moisturizing hair treatment

Linds from Pittsburgh, PA captures the experience many people have had with H’Suan Wen Hua:

“I finally learned how to pronounce this today, which is embarrassing because I've been using this deep conditioner for years. I have thick, oily, color-treated hair, so I have a lot of things I have to watch out for when I buy hair products. H'Suan Wen Hua (SCHWEN WHEN HWAH) is a perfect treatment for me. The way my hair feels after this is amazing. It's like someone cast a spell on it and turned it into silk thread. I will admit, the smell is a little weird, but I've gotten used to it and actually kind of like it now. I would be so sad if Lush got rid of this. It is one of my top five Lush products.

It’s the kind of product that people take a gamble on, and time and again we hear comments back like Maryland LUSH customer Carly:

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have combination hair. It's thick and medium length, but the roots get oily while the ends get dry... It's so annoying. I got this in the store because it had eggs in it: PROTEIN: Health and more length! When I went to use it, I was extremely skeptical, having unsuccessfully used other hair masks before. But HOLY SMOKES! I went to wash it out... NO RESIDUE. NO GREASE. My hair felt amazing! Soft, silky, and detangled! NO OTHER PRODUCT HAS WORKED SO WELL. It's like it repaired all the damage I had ever put my hair through! FIVE STARS +”

And lastly, for now at least - we heard from Mandy from Freehold, NJ, hopefully not just this once:

I NEVER leave reviews for products... but I just had to for this one! This product was recommended me by the lady in the shop and I am forever thankful! I'm on my 2nd pot and I get 3-4 uses out of each pot! It's wonderful! My hair used to be extremely damaged, as I use heat styling on a daily basis. Whenever I used to blow dry and straighten my hair, it would become unbearably frizzy and look strange. Now after using this product once weekly, my hair has been totally transformed. My hair is now soft, smooth and most importantly... frizz free!


Amid our raucous and rowdy soaps - all unwrapped and naked, there isn’t a lot of modesty. However, between the colors and zippy scents we’ve created, there lies in wait a grape-leafed beauty, Figs and Leaves. People love this one for many reasons. First, it’s got great stimulation to offer, with hundreds of fig seeds per slice acting as teensy massaging fingertips. Then, there is the decadent lather: a rich, foamy wash that leaves behind skin drenched in aloe and a lingering, nostalgic scent.

Figs and Leaves exfoliating soap

Leighanna from Edmonton, AB tells us:

This is by far my favourite bar soap (or any soap, really) that I have ever used. I bought it for the first time passing through the Toronto Pearson airport en route to Italy, and it blew me away. It has just enough grit to exfoliate my skin, and it is insanely moisturizing. If you are in a hurry and don't have time to put on body lotion, its no big deal with this soap. The scent isn't overpowering even though it lingers on my skin all day. I'm so impressed, and I will be repurchasing now and until the end of time!”

We love Figs and Leaves, too - for travel, as well at multiple sinks around home and LUSH HQ. Here’s another 5-star review from The Alleycat of the Bathhouse in Troy, MI:

This soap is my absolute hands down FAVORITE. And it's hard to make something brag worthy that I actually love. When I look at a product I ask myself three things: Does it do what I want? Is it worth the price tag? Is it something I will buy again? This baby right here has met and exceeded these questions with enough charm and grace to put every other item I own to SHAME. If you love exfoliating, rich earthy fruity fragrances and just plain lovely soap, pick up a sample and try this puppy out. If you are leery of the exfoliating seeds, lather it onto a loofa and try it. I bet you'll like it!”

And this last comment by hockeygirl#6 from Chicago scored two goals with us--one for serendipitous sampling love, and the other for ditching plastic bottles in favor of Naked soap! She says:

“I received this as a sample, and fell in love! The scent is hard to explain its floral yet very musky also. I AM BUYING A HUGE CHUNK OF THIS SOAP! :) I am usually more of a shower gel person but I love this so much I would give up shower gel for life! ;)


Long-time LUSH fans know there are a few products that really have been around longer than LUSH! Blackberry Bath Bomb goes waaaaayyy back to some of the earliest formulations, inspirations and dynamic ideas that spurred LUSH Founders, and is a great symbol of how things can change, and still remain the same. But enough about us! Read what some LUSH fans new and long-time have to say about this everlasting LUSH favorite.

Blackberry Bath Bomb for spa-like bathing

Kaneohe, HI’s own aquangeluv shares:

“First bath bomb I ever bought from LUSH. Sat in the tub so long my husband came to check on me - I didn't want to get out! Amazing scent left me smelling great all day and it was not greasy - just softening.

Proving the appeal is literally coast to coast, Ashley Amber <3 from Brooklyn, NY posted a comment that explains:

“I have very sensitive skin so I was a bit hesitant to try LUSH's Bath Bombs. However I ended up get this one as a starter (this was my very first Bath Bomb from LUSH) I absolutely loved it. Made my water a very warm purple color and also made the water very silky. The scent was very light and stayed with me for a while. I then went back and purchased 4 of these! I recommend this to anyone who loves lightly fragrant items and the color purple =)

We love the at-home spa vibe Felicia the New Found Lush Fanatic! from Chicago writes about:

“I love this bath bomb! A friend of mine introduced me to Lush last month and this was the first product I purchased and I have been back to the Lush store three more times since then! The blackberry bomb creates such a wonderful experience when I bathe. It's like having my own aromatherapy and spa all in one fantastic ball. I am always busy and never have time to take a relaxing bath; I just shower and go. But this bath bomb is a new approach to bathing that offers aromatherapy, a spa-like experience, and creates a beautiful purple bathwater that forces me to make time to take a bath! Because it's fragrance is strong yet not overpowering, I set it out on my dresser and it serves as a great air freshener! So when I am ready to take a bath, I take and plop it in the tub, I love this product!”

Do you have a favorite LUSH product? We'd love to hear from you! Create a product review for your favourite products, share your tips, tricks and even what didn't work for you, and don't forget to tell us what you can't live without. We look forward to hearing more about your adventures with LUSH!