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Feb 02.9

Top 5 skincare myths

There’s a whole lot of myths and misconceptions out there when it comes to skincare, and sometimes it’s difficult to tell fact from fiction. We’ve enlisted the help of LUSH product trainer Jeff Brown to talk about the top 5 skincare myths that he’s heard from LUSHies all over North America. He’s used his years of LUSH experience to debunk the myths, dish expert advice and make fantastic product recommendations. Thanks Jeff!

1. Men should stick to men’s products

“FALSE! Sure, we have some specific needs, like shaving creams for our faces, but in general: skin is skin. Listen to it, not marketing, and look for products that are going to do what you want and what you need, not just ones that say “FOR MEN” on them.”

2. My skin is oily so I shouldn’t use a moisturizer

“Do what feels right, but it’s definitely a myth that moisturizer is bad for oily skin. Everyone, regardless of how much oil they produce naturally, can benefit from a moisturizer. Our skin knows how to protect itself and has a tendency to produce excess oil in reaction to being too clean. So, lightly moisturizing oily skin not only protects it and keeps it soft, it plays a role in regulating some of that excess oil. Our lightest moisturizers Vanishing Cream and Enzymion were expertly-formulated with toning, balancing ingredients to lightly hydrate without overpowering the skin with heavy oils.”

3. If I’m over 30, I should be using “anti-aging” products

“As we age, we don’t all magically merge into one skin type, so it’s important to continue choosing the products that look and feel right for your skin. That being said, moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and honey help mature skin stay hydrated and healthy. Look to extra-nourishing products like our Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask, Full of Grace serum, and Skin’s Shangri-La facial moisturizer to keep mature skin looking and feeling its best.”

4. Toner will dry out my skin

“Sadly, most of the time this is true. Toners tend to be made with harsh astringent ingredients and alcohol but here at LUSH, this is completely false! Our toners are alcohol-free, and instead use floral and fruit infusions to hydrate and refresh the skin or prepare it for your moisturizer.”

5. I should only exfoliate my face once per week

“How often you exfoliate is completely up to you! Scrubbing away dead skin keeps everyone looking bright and fresh, but we’re all different. If you’re not sure what your skin wants, start exfoliating once a week and play around from there. You can also try using products with different textures: if you prefer a gentle exfoliation, soft cleansers like Angels On Bare Skin or Herbalism would be ideal. For those who like more of a scrub, Ocean Salt face and body scrub or Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask will exfoliate your skin into shape in no time.”

Still have questions? Don’t be shy! Visit your local shop or call our lovely customer care team 1-888-733-5874 for a personalized skincare consultation.




Jeff Brown is a North American product trainer with 7.5 years' LUSH experience! He enjoys indulging in cheap wine, watching bad horror films and hanging out with his Sphynx cat, The Bean.