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Feb 02.18

Our favorite LUSH skincare Youtube reviews

Posted In: Video >> Tips and Tricks

Did you know that there are thousands of video reviews and product demos by LUSHies on YouTube?

Trying a new skincare product can be both exciting and a little unnerving: it’s your skin at stake after all! Reviews from your fellow LUSH customers can be incredibly valuable; they’re unbiased and tell you the nitty-gritty details about your potential purchase: how long does it last? How does it feel on the skin? Would the reviewer buy it again?

We’ve found some skincare-focused videos that we absolutely love to get you started, so watch away!

Let The Good Times Roll review

Youtube reviewer DiamondsAndHeels14 gushes about our Let The Good Times Roll face and body cleanser, even claiming (gasp!), “I think this might be my favorite LUSH product right now!” You’re in good company, DiamondsAndHeels14!


Cupcake Fresh Face Mask review and demo 

Chicachew treats us to a succinct (and adorable) demo and review of Cupcake Fresh Face Mask. After rinsing off Cupcake, she says, “the first thing I noticed is how radiant my skin looks and how soft it feels.” Amen to that, Chicachew.

With a little YouTube research and a dash of expert advice from a LUSH sales associate, we think you’ll find the best products for the results you want. Don’t forget – we’re here for you! Pop into your local shop or call our customer care line at 1-888-733-5874 for a personalized skincare consultation—we’d love to help.