Sep 09.29

Your Top 5 Comeback Products

 We have to discontinue products once in a while, but sometimes you speak so loudly that we bring them back!

Our inventors are always busy in the labs creating new products to tantalize and delight. Unfortunately, this means we have to discontinue products from our shelves to make room. But every product has its fans, and some speak out quite loudly about the injustice of discontinuing one of their favorite products. They beg, plead and threaten us to get their favorites back. Sometimes it’s just impossible to resist their demands (especially when they threaten a naked protest!). Take a look at the top 5 products that were brought back by popular demand.

1. Let the Good Times Roll Facial Cleanser

We are so excited to announce the return of our latest fan favorite, Let the Good Times Roll facial cleanser. Invented as a limited edition seasonal product last Christmas, fans were desperate for that sweet, velvety cleanser as soon as their stash ran out. Comments splashed the walls of our forum and website, begging us to bring it back. So here it is, just for you, back and available year-round!

2. Potion Body Lotion

When LUSH co-founder Mark Constantine planned to discontinue our low-selling carnation and rose moisturizer Potion in 2003, he did not expect how the products hardcore fans would react. Potion devotees united on the UK LUSH forum, planning a naked protest in London’s Trafalgar Square if we didn’t bring it back. So to avoid this rather inappropriate display, Mark let Potion fans order small batches online. It is still being made fresh and is available in the Retro section of our website.

3. Dorothy Bubble Bar

This colorful bubble bar first appeared in shops to celebrate Easter in 2010. The beautiful ylang ylang and sweet fig fragrance, along with bold, blue waters had us all hooked. Once Easter was over, and we’d crumbled up the last of our Dorothy bubble bars in the tub, the clouds rolled in. We just couldn’t let go of what was meant to be a limited edition product! After being off the shelf for a short time, we began making them again and Dorothy became available year-round in shops.

4. Tramp Shower Gel

Sometimes when we discontinue a product because it’s a low-seller or because we have too many new inventions and there is not enough room on our shelves, it never comes back. But we knew we couldn’t do that with our Tramp shower gel; those who love the earthy patchouli and melissa tramp in the forest fragrance would never forgive us. So once we took it off the shelves to make room for new inventions a few years ago, we moved it over to our online Retro shop. Our biggest Tramp fans continue to order it fresh. Crisis averted!

5. Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

Moms, dads, grandparents and aunties are always asking us to make a product line for babies. Here is our herbal bathtime treat for tots. Over the years, the soft chamomile and lavender scent has gone through a variety of Bath Bomb forms, but we’ve always brought it back due to popular demand. Beginning as Ickle Baby Baff, then being discontinued and reincarnating as Ickle Baby Angel and Ickle Baby Devil, we’ve found a new form for this scent that has stuck, our robot! Even though we are forced to make tough decisions about discontinuing products, when customers speak, we are listening. Sometimes old favorites are brought back online, and once in a while they are even brought back into shops. After all, our LUSH Life statement says, “We believe our products are of good value, that we should make a profit, and that our customers are always right!”

Loranda Vazquez