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Oct 10.10

The Ultimate LUSH Henna Guide

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It’s perfectly possible to get gorgeous hair color naturally!


Our henna hair colors were skillfully-formulated by Mark Constantine, LUSH co-founder and inventor with the benefit of 35 years’ experience in herbal hair color. Mark is also a trained trichologist – a specialist in the health of the hair and scalp, so when it comes to hair care Mark is our resident expert! He describes the LUSH henna blends as, “my favorite mixes…[that] I perfected over the years”- lovely compositions of henna, indigo, cocoa butter and herbs to leave your hair beautifully colored, lustrous and incredibly soft- no chemicals required.



How to choose the right henna for your hair

There are 4 shades of LUSH hennas (formally known as Les Cacas) to choose from, and deciding which gorgeous color to use can be tough! To help you decide which Caca is perfect for you, check out the descriptions below and to see what other LUSHies have to say about their results, visit each Caca’s product page for reviews. If you’re still not sure which one is right for you, call our customer care line for a personalized consultation!

Caca Brun: The perfect chocolate brunette shade to add depth and shine to medium-dark brown hair. Lighter brown hair will be deepened by several shades.

Caca Noir: Our darkest henna for lustrous raven-colored locks; perfect for deepening hair that’s already medium to dark brown. Not recommended for light-colored hair due to its high indigo content.

Caca Rouge: The reddest! Results are vibrant, fiery red on lighter or gray hair, and a deep crimson sheen when applied to darker locks.

Caca Marron: Creates a sophisticated chestnut hue when applied to medium brown hair. The effects are much more vibrant on lighter or gray hair; leaving it a dramatic auburn shade.

Don't forget to do a strand test!

We want you to love your Henna results, so we encourage doing a strand test before the full application. Be sure to include gray hair (if present) for the most accurate outcome. Follow the “how to” steps but prepare only a small amount of henna- enough to saturate a 1-inch strand of hair.

Your hair color will continue to develop for up to 3 days after the henna mixture has been washed out. Be patient- if you like the result after 72 hours, go ahead and apply it to the rest of your hair.

How-to Henna in 5 steps

1. Break your Caca block into a few large pieces, then place it in a heat-resistant bowl and add boiling water sparingly. Mix until you’ve got a batter-like consistency, adding water as necessary.

2. Place your heat-resistant bowl in a saucepan of simmering water to keep it warm while you apply. The Caca should be cool enough to comfortably touch the skin.

3. Apply in sections using a brush or your hands (don't forget your gloves!) beginning at the back of the head, working towards the front. Mark suggests you "apply [henna] to the roots first...The ends are more porous; they'll take up the color quicker. The roots are not so porous and they'll take up the color slower".

4. Leave Caca on the hair for 2 to 4 hours

5. Wash the Caca mixture from the hair using warm water, shampoo and conditioner.

Everything you’ll need for the perfect henna application

• Your Caca block

Ultrabalm to protect the hairline and ears

• Rubber gloves

• Heat-proof bowl

• Saucepan

• Newspapers to protect the floors from drips

• Dark colored towels to protect shoulders

• Wooden spoon for stirring

• Hair clip to manage wayward strands

• Shampoo to wash henna from hair

• Plastic wrap (optional—wrapping hair will achieve a redder result).

Now that you’ve got lustrous, richly-colored locks, treat your hair to Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze hair treatment between henna applications. It’s filled with nourishing jojoba and Brazil nut oils to deeply moisturize the hair and keep it shiny and soft—plus its seriously sexy jasmine perfume is sure to turn heads! Still have questions about our henna hair colors? Call our Customer Care Line or visit your local shop for even more information and tips.

Happy Henna-ing!