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Feb 02.22

Confessions of an Undercover Boss

How does one even begin to describe the experience of lifetime?

I suppose by confessing that I was scared to death when asked to go Undercover on behalf of our CEO, Mark Wolverton. As someone who has been speaking about, and on behalf of this company for almost a decade, the idea of getting my hands dirty (and in LUSH fashion, clean again) was exhilarating yet frightening.


LUSH is a part of who I am. What if I discover it isn’t all that I believe it to be? What if the employees that I meet along this journey aren’t as happy as I am? What if I let the company down?

All these thoughts were running through my head and then I slipped on that blonde wig and embarked on a journey that changed lives, including my own. From the moment I went in disguise, I became Katherine. I shut off the outside world, boarded planes, slipped on the steel-toed boots, tied up my apron and quite literally lived the LUSH life for 10 days. Full of highs, lows, long days, sore feet, and whole lot of laughs - I was not disappointed.

What I discovered along the way were shining stars: Sina, Jen, Faeryll, Marjorie and Hoang each instill unique qualities that make LUSH the business that it is today. They all took me in with open arms and smiles despite some of my…um, deficiencies along the way. They exhibited kindness and had an energy about them that has become synonymous with the famous LUSH “vibe.” Sure, we're a retail business; we manufacture and sell products, but perhaps most importantly, we employ people, 3000 of them in North America.

The week I went undercover my horoscope read, “The planets are encouraging you to try out new ways of doing things and before the current week is over you will have had a revelation of some kind.”

I’m not sure when it hit me, perhaps as I was scrapping the bottom of the Bubbleroon bowl, slicing the fresh kiwis, or sweeping out Bath Bomb units, but it did. I realized that LUSH is so much more than a job for so many of us, it’s a place we call home that allows us to stumble, pick ourselves back up again and quite literally fill the world with Fun.

Together we're part of something bigger, and that’s a pretty fantastic place to call work wouldn’t you say?