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Jan 01.23

Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Products are here!

Posted In: Behind the Scenes >> Gifts

We have been getting so excited to share the 2014 Valentine’s range, and it’s finally time! We’ve got six fabulous products and three gifts this year that include some brand new perfumes and ingredients. Here’s a sneak peak at what makes just three of our new, limited edition products so special. You can view the entire range here.


Love Locket Bath Bomb

Our new, Love Locket Bath Bomb has a few surprises. It’s one and a half times as big as our average bomb, so it really makes a splash! You can use it all at once for a spectacular bath time display, or crack it in half and use each side for two separate baths. These outer layers make the bath a gorgeous shade of pink, and paper hearts emerge for a rather romantic soak. Inside of this locket you’ll find another smaller, heart-shaped Bath Bomb for bath number three! This one contains soft, glossy red hearts made of agar seaweed, so once you’ve enjoyed the gorgeous display, they dissolve right back into the sea. To top it off, Love Locket has a unique perfume made up of heady jasmine, alluring vanilla and uplifting neroli. This is one bomb that’s not meant to be missed! 

Neon Love Soap

The rosewood oil used in the perfume created for Neon Love has a story all of its own. It comes from a project set up with funding from the Sustainable LUSH Fund. With money from this fund, our UK business bought the rights to a 6000 hectare forest concession deep in the Amazon, to stop loggers from further deforestation. Working with local communities, we found the land to be full of rosewood trees and over the past few years we’ve worked with the locals on the ground to set up a sustainable supply of rosewood oil, with their own distillation machinery to enable them to produce the oil on site. So far we’ve received over 100 kilos of rosewood oil from this source! You can find Neon Love soap in all three of our Valentine's gifts; Neon Love, Toucan Love and Lots of Love

Prince Charming Shower Gel

It’s not often that we come out with a new shower gel to celebrate Valentine’s Day, so when we do, we do it right! This year we’ve created Prince Charming, a wonderfully softening and cleansing wash with a beautiful, fresh fragrance. For the first time we’ve used fresh pomegranate juice, which cleanses and brightens skin. We pair that with grapefruit oil to create a zesty citrus scent, then sweeten it up with handmade vanilla pod infusion and marshmallow root. Prince Charming smells and feels divine, and we know it’s going to sweep you off your feet! These fragrant treats contain all sorts of beautiful essential oils, infusions, fruit juices and butters, and are certain to get you in the mood for love! If you’d like to view them all, click here.