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May 05.16

Vegetarian Travel Tips: Pack Your Bags and Fill Your Tummy!

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For someone who loves food and travel as much as I do…let it be known that traveling to new places isn’t always easy when you are vegetarian.

While most restaurants these days have vegetable dishes or some carb-heavy option to indulge in, it’s more of a problem for me mid-travel: at rest stops, airports, train stations and so on. Finding a veg-friendly, healthy option can be difficult! It was when I started traveling (years ago!) with my super healthy grandma that I received some recommendations that I still use. Tips to ensure you exercise on the road and healthy snacks to bring along, if you, like me, tend to get hangry (hungry + angry) without a proper meal. Keep in mind I’m not a nutritionist or fitness expert, this advice simply works for me and I’m always sharing it with my trusty travel companions.

Portable meals:

Breakfast: Oatmeal packets (the less sugar, the better) are super easy to keep in your purse; simply add hot water on the plane or from any food court for a quick, filling start to your day! Yogurt and a baggie of granola or nuts is another easy one…yogurt will keep for a few hours in your carry-on so grab a spoon and enjoy! Another favorite is a small pack of peanut butter or almond butter, eaten with an apple, put in oatmeal, spread on low fat crackers or a piece of wheat bread. Boom, breakfast in a pinch!

Lunch/Dinner: Any of the above also makes for a satisfying lunch, but other favorites include veggies and hummus (portable packs), fruit, avocado, string cheese, nuts or trail mix, edamame or, of course, any leftover from meals during your travels. Sandwiches, stir-fry and even salads could potentially be eaten in transit.

Snacks: I always have energy bars on hand for quick snacks. Some of my favorites include Kind, Lara and Luna bars…great flavors and they are pretty filling! Otherwise, any portable fruit like bananas, apples or oranges are easy to trek around with. Finally, I love cereal so sometimes just having a healthy cereal I can snack on, pop into yogurt or add some milk to are perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-ups.

Workout on the road: To ensure I’m forced to do some kind of physical activity when I travel, I always pack sneakers and gym clothes. That way, worst case scenario, you’ll see the clothes in your suitcase each day and will be reminded to do something, even a long walk! I also always look up local gyms, fun classes and outdoor activities ahead of time so I can plan some new workouts. If you would rather workout in the comfort of your hotel room, bring along the type of weights that bulk up when you fill them with water so they won’t weigh down your suitcase. Doing some leg lifts, bicep curls, sit-ups and the like is a great way to feel more toned while away from your usual exercise routine.

Need inspiration? Check out some of my favorite healthy lifestyle/foodie blogs: Kath Eats Real Food, Carrots ‘N’ Cake, Fitnessista and Healthy Tipping Point.

Happy and safe travels!