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Julia Hamfelt

Julia, or Lazer Wolf as she's more commonly known around LUSH HQ, is the LUSH Times Editor and manager of the LUSH Copy Team. Her LUSH roots began four years ago at the Victoria, BC shop as a Bath Bomb detonating, bubble blowing, dancing machine. She now spends her days collaborating with fellow writers and designers to create fresh LUSH Times editions, web copy and in-store signage. When she's not writing and editing LUSH prose, you might find her engaging in fierce lazer tag battles, belting out a karaoke tune (Tina Turner, always) or doting over her beloved kitty, Luba.

Nov 11.18

Vivienne Westwood Knot-Wraps Have Arrived!

Posted In: Green

The day has finally arrived! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood to create a sustainable (and wearable) alternative to wasteful wrapping paper.

The Knot-Wraps, designed exclusively for LUSH by Vivienne Westwood, are now available in limited quantities online and in our shops. Each one is woven from 100% organic cotton by a UK-based artisan and feature “The Face of War” —Westwood’s symbol for the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

You can wear your Knot-Wrap as a scarf or drawstring bag, or use it as gift-wrap during the holiday season. They can be reused again and again – Knot-Wraps are a truly innovative alternative to the wrapping paper that fills our trash bins every holiday season.

"Buy less and buy quality - so that what you buy will last. These Climate Revolution Knot-Wraps can replace wrapping paper and will last a lifetime. More importantly, when you buy them you join an uprising: the Climate Revolution that we need if we are to have a future that we can survive and thrive in." – Vivienne Westwood

100% of the profits from each Knot-Wrap will go to the Climate Revolution fund, where individuals, groups and charities can apply for money to fund activities that communicate or mitigate climate change. An uprising designed by Vivienne Westwood, Climate Revolution is a UK-based initiative that seeks to take action against climate change.


Watch to learn more about how our Climate Revolution Knot-Wraps are made!


Get your Climate Revolution Knot-Wrap before they’re gone! Interested in more information? Follow Climate Revolution on Facebook for updates on the campaign.




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