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May 05.28

Do you know what's inside your moisturizer? We do!

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

When it comes to our products, we’re not afraid to bare it all. From the ingredients that go into each creation to the ‘use-by’ dates that grace every black pot, we want you to know exactly what goes into each one and, eventually, onto your skin. Do you know what’s in your moisturizer? We do, and now you will too.LUSH Moisturizer Range

On the inside
Using fresh, high-quality ingredients isn’t just a marketing term, it’s actually something we live and breathe! Our moisturizers are the product of over 30 years of research, development and experience. Each and every ingredient has been carefully selected and balanced to create a moisturizer that’s just the right combination of fresh fruits and vegetables, pure essential oils, herbs, safe synthetics and skin-softening butters to help bring out your skin’s natural radiance. We take pride in choosing only the best for our creations, because we know that fresh fruits and vegetables help to create the most effective cosmetics. We’ll even show you how some of our moisturizers, like Gorgeous, are made.Gorgeous facial moisturizer being made

On the outside
Grab a moisturizer, flip it over and have a look at the label; on it, you’ll find a list of every ingredient that goes into that pot. Gorgeous citrus oils and floral waters, skin-softening almond, cocoa and shea butters, as well as a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables; we list each one quantitatively, so the first ingredient you see is the one we use the most and the last ingredient is the one that we use the least of. Online and in our latest LUSH catalogue, you’ll even find ingredients listed in green, which indicates it’s a natural ingredient, and black to indicate a safe synthetic. There’s also a featured ingredient that will help you learn something new about how your moisturizer will benefit your skin.LUSH Face Stickers

There are more than just ingredients on our labels. We also place a yellow sticker with the friendly, smiling face of the compounder who made your moisturizer; each one of our products is made by a real, live person and we like to give credit where credit is due. Plus, it’s also where you’ll see the day it was made, as well as its ‘use-by’ date. Why? Because it’s important to know that your moisturizer is at its prime, which ensures you’re getting the maximum effect for your skin.

Not sure which moisturizer to choose or have questions? No problem! Head to a LUSH shop for a skincare consultation or call our Customer Care Center to chat with one of our representatives, and we can help you find a moisturizer that will work wonderfully with your skin.