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Loranda Vazquez

Loranda's LUSH story begins fresh out of university. Knowing she wanted to write for a living, but not knowing where to start, she turned to her friends and family for words of wisdom. Loranda's father-in-law gave her the following advice: "Find a company that you love, and find out how to do what you love for that company". She applied at one place - LUSH.
Loranda began as a sales associate and voiced her dream of one day becoming a copywriter. In the shop, she learned about the brand, products and ingredients and moved into managing. Next she traveled around North America setting up new stores and training staff on LUSH merchandising with the Design Team. She practiced her LUSH writing every day! Finally a position opened up for copywriter - her dream job! Since the spring of 2009, Loranda's been writing for the LUSH Times, the website and everything in between.

Feb 02.1

Our Winter Reading List

Posted In: LUSH Life

The short days and dark winter nights have had us feeling a bit uninspired. So we started asking around the office about our coworkers favorite winter reads and are now excited to curl up with each and every one of them! Here’s what we are reading; we hope you find something in this list that will keep you company on those long nights!

1. Bossypants by Tina Fey

Tina Fey shares her life story through hilarious anecdotes, taking us on her journey from hopeless nerdy preteen to successful comedian and producer. She tackles topics of impossible beauty standards, sexism in show business, and balancing career with family life… all with her sense of humor intact.

Why I loved this book: I’m not typically a reader of comedy books, but Bossypants’ authenticity was what drew me in. Tina Fey’s candid and entertaining stories are incredibly relatable and reminded me to find the humor in life’s mishaps. I’d definitely recommend listening to the audiobook—Tina herself narrates!

Perfect for reading when: This book is too good to enjoy alone: gather up some friends and take turns reading it aloud- you’ll be laughing from cover to cover!

Katy Cobb, Copy Writer


2. The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Set in the 1960s, Jackson, Mississippi, The Help tells the story of what it was like for African American maids working for white families and the racism that they faced.

I loved this book because: It reminds us to be kind to people – no matter what their color, status or gender. I laughed, I cried and thought of ridiculous ways to get even with the antagonists in the book.

Perfect for reading when: This book is real page turner, so I recommend reading this book when you can cuddle up with a big, fluffy duvet, a cup of tea and no distractions.

Alexandria Worobec, Online Marketing Coordinator


3. Slaughter-House Five by Kurt Vonnegut

This is the darkly comedic tale of a gentleman named Billy Pilgrim who randomly travels between the fabric of space and time to various periods in his life. He journeys to Germany circa World War II, he becomes transported to the planet Trafalmadore, he graciously suffers a marriage to a woman with an eating disorder, and he re-lives his own death with casual aplomb, as he is separated from the confines of a ‘normal’ dimension.

Why I loved this book: It exposed me to the power of magic realism, and to the master, Vonnegut himself, who possessed a deftness of language, bizarreness, comedy, and human nature.

Perfect for reading when: You’re enjoying a candle lit soak after a long walk home in the rain.

Chris Martell, Warehouse Team Lead


4. Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger

This book begins with the death of Elspeth Noblin, who leaves her London apartment to her identical twin nieces. The teenage girls move into the apartment, which resides across from Highgate Cemetery. As they get to know the eccentric neighbors in the apartment, they also discover that Aunt Elspeth’s spirit is still around, and slowly family secrets begin to spill out. This book is about sisterhood, identity and family secrets that are often taken to the grave.

Why I loved this book: When a book can make an entire world come alive, I always fall in love. The characters, the London apartment, and the cold, foggy cemetery are still alive in my mind.

Perfect for reading when: The weather is cold and dark, and you’re cozied up in pajamas under a blanket on your favorite chair.

Loranda, Copy Writer


5. The Light between Two Oceans by M. L. Stedman

The story takes place in Australia where a lighthouse keeper, Tom, and his wife, Isabelle, live on an island far from the mainland. After experiencing two miscarriages and one stillbirth, the couple finds a boat washed ashore and it is carrying a dead man and a crying baby. Isabelle convinces Tom to keep the baby and raise her as their own. Sometime after, they return to the coast and are faced with their decision.

Why I loved this book: I loved the way in which the author developed each of the characters, and throughout the story she had you sympathizing with each one and their internal struggles. You begin questioning what you would do in their situation. It has you thinking about the bond between parents and their children, and between a husband and wife.

Perfect for reading when: This is a great book to curl up to on a winter night with a cup of tea where you can be swept away to that isolated island down under.

Erika Edwards, Brand Communications & Charitable Givings


That should keep us busy until spring! What’s on your winter reading list?