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Sep 09.21

Teaching peace with The Peace Alliance

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It’s International Day Of Peace and today we’re celebrating those fostering peace right here in North America.

The Peace Alliance is a grassroots education and advocacy organization committed to transforming how individuals, communities and nations respond to conflict and violence. They champion five cornerstones of peace-building, including Teaching Peace in Schools.

Schools are where we do most of our social learning as children and teens, but the curriculum is largely focused on academic subjects. The Peace Alliance believes that life skills are just as important as academics, and would like to see topics like emotional learning and conflict resolution woven into the basic school curriculum.

Some of the key empowering strategies and programs involved in teaching peace to school-aged children include:

Communication skills

Harmonious communication skills and conflict resolution tactics are worked into existing curricula as a way to provide children with real-life experiences.

Social and emotional learning

This educational work teaches self-awareness, motivation and empathy, allowing children to develop and maintain positive relationships with others as well as skills for their future. Restorative circles and dialogues Children of elementary age start each day in a circle with their entire class. Each child gets a moment to share what’s happening in their lives outside of school—perhaps a birth or death in the family, or their parents going through a divorce. Through this dialogue, the children gain a deeper understanding of each other as individuals with personal stories that may affect their moods and performance.

Mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful technique that helps to focus attention, manage emotions and handle stress. This allows youth to make wiser decisions in the heat of the moment and creates a much more positive school environment.

So what happens when we give teaching peace a chance?

There are incredible results! High schools in Ohio that teach conflict resolution reported that physical violence decreased as much as 43%. Meditation and mindfulness practices in schools have shown to decrease suspensions by 79% and improved academic performance, too.

In addition to teaching peace in schools, The Peace Alliance works to advocate for peace-building legislation that will reduce violence through prevention and intervention. Join them October 16-20 at their Peace Alliance Be the Movement! Conference in Washington, D.C. Together, we can create a legacy of peace, which will be a gift for generations to come.

The Peace Alliance is one of our Charity Pot partners: organizations that receive funding from the sale of our Charity Pot hand and body lotion to pursue their work in the areas of human rights, environmental conservation and animal welfare.