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Dec 12.11

Keep your holiday chill

Posted In: Holiday 2015

December is always so jam-packed full of parties, family dinners, shopping and more that sometimes we forget to take a moment for ourselves. It’s time to make a little time for rest and relaxation.

Rosy Christmas

No matter how you feel about the holiday season, chances are that you’re still being pulled in a million different directions and to a million different events. Ok, not literally a million, but it sure feels like it! Instead of feeling overwhelmed, peep these tips and tricks for keeping your chill this holiday and making sure that stress is the farthest thing from your mind…and body.

1. Make shopping easier

Shopping doesn’t have to mean fighting for parking spots, crowds or crazy lineups. Try visiting the mall at off-times, like Tuesday at lunch, instead of a Saturday afternoon. Local shops in your neighborhood are sure to have heaps of fun finds and might be easier to get to. Even a Lush shop can be a haven from the chaos. Have a seat at one of our tables, get a hand massage and let our staff help you find what you need without any hassle.

And if all else fails, there’s always online shopping. You don’t even have to put on pants for that!

A hand massage at a Lush shop

2. Send mail to another address

If your gifts are a secret, there’s nothing worse than having it show up on your front door step for your partner, parents, kids or roommate to find. Instead, get those orders sent to your place of work, school or a friend’s place. Secret, saved!

3. Say “no”

This one isn’t always the easiest one to do, but you’re only human and you can only attend so many holiday gatherings. It’s ok to say “no” to a few of them, if you just don’t feel up to it. And if you absolutely can’t say “no”, then plan to go to parties for only a short period of time. We promise it’ll be okay and people will understand.

4. Take a bath

Ok, sure this seems like something we’d obviously suggest, but it helps! While you’re shopping for everyone else, splurge and grab yourself a bath bomb or luxury bath melt. Just the act of sinking deep into a hot bath can help wash away any stress and gives you some much-needed “me time” that allows you to rewind, recharge and get ready for the next holiday adventure with ease.

Star dust bath bomb

5. Plan, plan, plan

Don’t leave everything until the last minute. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to get everything all done at once. If you plan your days, then you can guarantee that nothing will be a surprise – and if surprises do come up, you’ll be ready to tackle them too.

Happy holidays! It’s a busy time out there and in-between all the chaos, remember to take care of yourselves, too! It’ll guarantee a much happier New Year if you do!