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Dec 12.15

The Fun Squad

Posted In: Fun

Baths don’t need to boring! Bring some good, clean fun to the tub with our entire Fun squad. These 4-in-1 bubblers can be molded and modelled into just about anything your imagination can come up with. There are more than ever to choose from, and when the fun is done, you can use the bar as a soap, shampoo or bubble bath. How fun is that?

Child playing with Fun

Bringing back the fun

In 2011, a devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan affected the entire country. While many parts of the country have been or continue to be rebuilt, some places to play still remain unusable for children. To bring the fun back to the children most affected, we donate 2.5% from the sale of every bar of Fun sold. It was an initiative created in 2012 to help bring fun, socialization, play and a bit of normalcy to kids and parents who have lost it. The money raised is provided to grassroots organizations working to create safe, fun places to play, grow and flourish.

Aliens And Monsters Fun

With three vibrant colors and a spicy and vanilla-scented fragrance, Aliens and Monsters is out of this world! Build a spaceship or a ghoulish friend and turn bathtime into play time. This one even comes with cut-out faces to give your new pals the perfect look.

Making monsters out of fun

Rainbow Fun

Ready for some big fun? Rainbow is our biggest Fun to date, giving you plenty to play with. No matter what the weather, you can hop in the tub and make your own rainbow – you might even see the fabled double rainbow! Lime and grapefruit oils will cleanse the skin, while fair trade vanilla soothes and softens.

Snakes And Ladders

Get your game face on! Snakes And Ladders make boring baths hiss-tory with its multi-colors and gorgeous fruity scent. Make your own version of the board game and then crumble your game pieces under running to luxuriate under a mountain of buchu-scented bubbles.

Opening fun

Fun colors

Can’t decide on a single Fun bar? There are five solid colors to choose from! Buy one or buy them all to create anything and everything your imagination can come up with. Blue Fun is perfect for calming baths before bed, Pink is as sweet as can be, Green is a zesty lemon and lime sudser, Red will boost moods with its mandarin scent, and Yellow is a cozy vanilla treat.

Looking for great Lush goodies for the kids on your holiday list? Bring a little Fun into their lives!