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Leigh Casbourne

Leigh started with LUSH in Montreal in 2004, and has been exploring and obsessing over ingredients ever since! As a Brand & Product Trainer, Leigh has travelled North America, meeting passionate people, teaching about all things LUSH and having adventures. She has a house full of dogs and cats and enjoys Pacific Northwest beaches in the dead of winter. Leigh is an avid gardener,'bee'lieves in bees, loves medieval history and is never very far away from a cup of tea!

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Dec 12.12

Get Holiday Party Ready!

Get prepped to have a great time this season >>

Mar 03.14

Easter traditions from around the world

Learn more about Easter: a time of legends, myths and springtime rituals all over the world. >>

Sep 09.30

The mysterious world of herbs

Posted In: Behind the Scenes

When we choose ingredients for our creations, we know that every one works its own little bit of magic to give you the best results. But before they were LUSH ingredients, we uncover their curious beginnings. >>

Apr 04.17

Urban Gardening Tips

Posted In: How To >> Green

No matter the size of your space, you can build a lush, indoor or balcony garden full of delicious fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers. Check out a few of our handy tips to help you turn your home into a green space. >>

Feb 02.15

How to Choose Your Cleanser Roll

Posted In: How To >> Product Use

Our cleanser rolls are unique in the realm of cosmetics—unpreserved, surfactant-free and made from simple, effective ingredients. Their inspiration reaches back into the past when clays, muds, powders and herbs were used to cleanse the skin. >>

Jan 01.17

How to choose your Fresh Face Mask

Posted In: Fresh >> Handmade >> How To

At LUSH, our Founders have invented the Fresh Face Mask range with the principles of skin nutrition in mind. As the skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s our duty to care for it as we would the rest of our bodies. By carefully layering fruits, vegetables and essential oils, each Fresh Face Mask tells a story, each unique in the benefits it provides the skin. >>