Loranda Vazquez

Loranda's LUSH story begins fresh out of university. Knowing she wanted to write for a living, but not knowing where to start, she turned to her friends and family for words of wisdom. Loranda's father-in-law gave her the following advice: "Find a company that you love, and find out how to do what you love for that company". She applied at one place - LUSH.
Loranda began as a sales associate and voiced her dream of one day becoming a copywriter. In the shop, she learned about the brand, products and ingredients and moved into managing. Next she traveled around North America setting up new stores and training staff on LUSH merchandising with the Design Team. She practiced her LUSH writing every day! Finally a position opened up for copywriter - her dream job! Since the spring of 2009, Loranda's been writing for the LUSH Times, the website and everything in between.

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Aug 08.15

Let's hear it for the bees!

Charity Pot

August 15th is National Honey Bee Day and we're buzzing about our bee-loving Charity Pot partners. >>

Loranda Vazquez
Aug 08.13

Top 5 ways to use coffee beans

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Wake up and wash up with ground coffee beans. >>

Loranda Vazquez
Aug 08.10

DIY facial – 5 steps to vibrant skin

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Your skin is in for a treat! >>

Loranda Vazquez
Jul 07.26

The dog days of summer: Keep you and your pets cool

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It’s so haaaaaaaaaaaawt out! >>

Loranda Vazquez
Jun 06.27

Simple ways to be an activist

Lush Life

Five tips to make the world a better place >>

Loranda Vazquez
Jun 06.12

Raising awareness with Ottawa Riverkeeper

Ethical Campaigns

Meet this Canadian charity dedicated to fighting microbead pollution >>

Loranda Vazquez
Jun 06.5

Fighting plastic pollution with 5 Gyres

Ethical Campaigns

A non-profit dedicated to fighting microbead pollution >>

Loranda Vazquez