Shama Alexander

Shama Alexander is the Green Officer for LUSH North America. She works throughout the business from our retail shops, Manufacturing, Design, Finance, Mail Order - and more, to assess our practices and help us to create the most sustainable practices for our business, and to ensure that the LUSH Life is as green and friendly to the earth.

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Apr 04.19

Take A Hike

Green >> Behind the Scenes

The great outdoors are waiting for you! Get out there and enjoy some fresh air. >>

Shama Alexander
Dec 12.12

To Give or Not to Give: Consciousness in Giving


The holiday season has officially landed. The spirit of giving is a big part of our holiday tradition. What I want to advocate this holiday season is one simple thing: consciousness. >>

Shama Alexander
Sep 09.28

Green Piece

We Believe >> Green >> LUSH Values

At LUSH, we are committed to reducing our energy load and investing in renewable technology to make clean energy affordable for everyone. >>

Shama Alexander