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Susan Rotante

Susan came to LUSH with a plethora of agency experience, starting in a marketing/PR agency in North Carolina (where she’s from—hey y’all) specializing in consumer/textile. Then, she shook things up a bit by moving to NYC to follow her dreams. Susan dove into the health/beauty PR realm, which after a few years lead her to the LUSH Press Office in NYC in October 2011. Susan now handles US PR specializing in newspapers and broadcast, coordinating stories with reporters and networking away! She’s brought her southern charm and hospitality to the NY crew, and is a lover of the beauty industry, adores the great outdoors, and has a passion for travel.

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Mar 03.1

Show Us Your LUSH Stash!

Want to know what we love almost as much as using our products? Talking about them! We love to find out who's using what, and why. Susan from our New York PR office shares her favorites... >>