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Feb 02.28

LUSH Hall of Fame: Fresh Face Masks

Community >> Fresh >> Product Use

Few LUSH products are more posted, pinned, tweeted or instagrammed (is that a word now?) than our Fresh Face Masks. Here are some of our favorite customer submissions. >>

Julia Hamfelt
Feb 02.25

Behind the Bottle

Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered about the faces and places you might be sharing your shower with? Go behind the bottle and discover the who, what and where of four of our most popular shower products! >>

Julia Hamfelt
Feb 02.22

Confessions of an Undercover Boss

How does one even begin to describe the experience of lifetime? As someone who has been speaking about, and on behalf of this company for almost a decade, the idea of getting my hands dirty (and in LUSH fashion, clean again) was exhilarating yet frightening. >>

Brandi Halls
Feb 02.19

Hair Care Myths: Don't Believe the Hype

LUSH Facts >> Product Use

Urban myths aren’t limited to horror movies; don’t believe everything that you hair… We’re cleaning up some myths about hair care. >>

Vanessa Lamont
Feb 02.17

LUSH Careers: Living the LUSH Life

Careers >> LUSH Life

Many of us long-term LUSH employees are asked how we got our dream job at LUSH. Often the answer is that they started their career at the "top" as a part-time employee during our busy holiday season. >>

Brynn Diaz
Feb 02.15

Georgina's Skincare Diary

LUSH Life >> Product Use

Georgina diligently kept a skincare diary for two weeks while she tried two LUSH moisturizers. And what did she think? Read on, friends! >>

Julia Hamfelt
Feb 02.15

The Voice of Reason: Gorilla Perfume Gallery in London

Watch the process behind our collaborative, interactive installations in The Voice of Reason, our Gorilla Perfume Gallery in London. >>

Vanessa Lamont