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May 05.31

A Vegan Challenge: My Ghost-free Journey Journal

Charity Pot

This month, 30 LUSH employees from around Vancouver teamed up to take a vegan, ghost-free journey with our Charity Pot partners, The Ghosts in our Machine. The goal is to to think critically about the choices that you make when it comes to what you eat, what you wear, and what you purchase. >>

Laura Grafton
May 05.30

10 Facts About Shampoo Bars

Green >> LUSH Life >> LUSH Facts

Here are just some of the reasons to ditch the bottle and head to the (Shampoo) Bar! >>

May 05.28

Don’t Sweat It: How LUSH Deodorants and Dusting Powders Work

LUSH Life >> LUSH Facts

While we celebrate sweat at LUSH, we certainly understand the need to disguise the moisture and odor it can cause. That’s why we created our effective, minimally-packaged, 100% aluminum-free choices for Deodorants and Dusting Powders. >>

May 05.27

Commuter Tips: Gearing Up for Bike to Work Week

LUSH Life >> Green

May is National Bike Month and while we have dedicated bicycle commuters at LUSH year round, we're gearing up for Bike to Work Week in Vancouver, which runs from May 27 - June 2. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.25

Employee Profile: Meet Nadia Hosein


While she might not have a face sticker to make her famous, Nadia has made her mark in our shops across North America. Find out what she collects, what she wishes her secret powers were, and why she loves LUSH. >>

Vanessa Lamont
May 05.24

The Man Loves Turtles: An Interview with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Charity Pot

A marine biologist, wildlife conservationist and one of the world's leading experts on sea turtles, Dr. Nichols stopped by LUSH HQ to share his passion for the ocean and its inhabitants. >>

Julia Hamfelt
May 05.23

Memorial Day: Extend Your Weekend With LUSH


There’s a million ways to enjoy any weekend, but we especially love a long, lingering one. Here are a few great ways to make the weekend last even longer! >>