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Archive - June 2013 (clear)

Jun 06.28

10 Things You Might Not Know About Seaweed

Posted In: LUSH Facts >> Tips and Tricks

It's easy to see how the seaside - and all of the sand, salt, and seaweed continues to influence our skin and hair care creations. >>

Jun 06.28

Get Beachy Clean With The Beach Box

Posted In: LUSH Life

Get your hands on a limited-edition Beach Box: 5 essentials for summer skin and hair, all packed full of our favorite oceanic ingredients. >>

Jun 06.27

The Homeless Garden Project: Rebuilding Dignity, Resume and Character

Posted In: Charity Pot

Darrie Ganzhorn from the Homeless Garden Project joins the LUSH Blog to share the incredible work that HGP has growing on! >>

Jun 06.26

Make it: 4 Lush-inspired cocktails

Posted In: LUSH Life >> DIY

Get creative with cocktail hour! Whether you like your cocktails shaken, stirred, or served by Tom Cruise circa 1988, we’re sure you’ll love our classic drink recipes with a LUSHious twist. >>

Jun 06.25

10 Fun Activities To Get You Outside This Summer

Posted In: LUSH Life

What are you doing to get outside this summer? Here are 10 fun things to do outside the next few months. >>

Jun 06.21

Summer Solstice: Building a Fairy Garden Step-By-Step

Posted In: LUSH Life >> DIY

Celebrate summer solstice by getting out into nature and following our steps to build your own fairy garden filled with whimsy and fun! >>

Jun 06.19

More DIY popsicles: LUSH summer recipes

Posted In: LUSH Life >> DIY

We’re back with part 2 of our LUSH summer recipe series! As promised, we’ve created 3 more LUSH-inspired popsicle recipes to help you keep cool and enjoy the season to the fullest. >>