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Archive - June 2013 (clear)

Jun 06.28

10 Things You Might Not Know About Seaweed

Posted In: LUSH Facts >> Tips and Tricks

It's easy to see how the seaside - and all of the sand, salt, and seaweed continues to influence our skin and hair care creations. >>

Jun 06.28

Get Beachy Clean With The Beach Box

Posted In: LUSH Life

Get your hands on a limited-edition Beach Box: 5 essentials for summer skin and hair, all packed full of our favorite oceanic ingredients. >>

Jun 06.27

The Homeless Garden Project: Rebuilding Dignity, Resume and Character

Posted In: Charity Pot

Darrie Ganzhorn from the Homeless Garden Project joins the LUSH Blog to share the incredible work that HGP has growing on! >>

Jun 06.26

Make it: 4 Lush-inspired cocktails

Posted In: LUSH Life >> DIY

Get creative with cocktail hour! Whether you like your cocktails shaken, stirred, or served by Tom Cruise circa 1988, we’re sure you’ll love our classic drink recipes with a LUSHious twist. >>

Jun 06.25

10 Fun Activities To Get You Outside This Summer

Posted In: LUSH Life

What are you doing to get outside this summer? Here are 10 fun things to do outside the next few months. >>

Jun 06.21

Summer Solstice: Building a Fairy Garden Step-By-Step

Posted In: LUSH Life >> DIY

Celebrate summer solstice by getting out into nature and following our steps to build your own fairy garden filled with whimsy and fun! >>

Jun 06.20

Our Top Tips for Summer Skin and Hair

Posted In: Tips and Tricks >> LUSH Life

We love summer but the temperature, humidity, and sunshine can wreak havoc on our skin and hair. Here are our top recommendations for keeping your skin and hair in top condition. >>

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