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Archive - July 2015 (clear)

Jul 07.31

5 ways to use coconut

Posted In: Lush Life

The benefits of coconut are more than just oil. >>

Jul 07.30

Going camping? Take Lush with you!

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Tips and Tricks

Add these to your camping checklist to stay fresh. >>

Jul 07.27

Lush DIY: French braid halo

Posted In: How To

Our friend Amelia shows you how to create a French braid halo – and it’s easier than you might think! >>

Jul 07.26

The dog days of summer: Keep you and your pets cool

Posted In: Lush Life >> Tips and Tricks

It’s so haaaaaaaaaaaawt out! >>

Jul 07.22

Make it: Curly Wurly Popsicles

Posted In: Recipes

4 simple steps to a tropical treat that's sure to beat the summer heat! >>

Jul 07.20

How to choose your shampoo

Posted In:

Find the right shampoo for you! >>

Jul 07.17

Meet Kassia Meador

Posted In: Lush Life

We chat with pro longboarder Kassia Meador about life in the ocean. >>