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Aimee O'Donnell Saunders

In the Kingston Market Place, in the autumn of 1999, Aimee O’Donnell Saunders became hooked on the idea of LUSH, on cosmetics made FRESH, out of beautiful, active ingredients. The products have been a part of her life (and bathroom) ever since. As luck would have it, Aimee got a temporary job at the Powell Street shop in San Francisco in November 2004. Another toss of the LUSH dice found her keeping that job well beyond the holidays as she’s still around! Aimee’s enjoyed the opportunity to be a Product Trainer for North America for over 7 years, travel extensively, and work with LUSH folk in a plethora of projects. She is known for ever-changing hairstyles, favoring bold patterns and bright colors, and rowdy cheering at baseball games. You can find her in San Francisco most days - just follow the scent of Furze perfume.

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Jun 06.25

10 Fun Activities To Get You Outside This Summer

Posted In: LUSH Life

What are you doing to get outside this summer? Here are 10 fun things to do outside the next few months. >>

Jun 06.21

Summer Solstice: Building a Fairy Garden Step-By-Step

Posted In: LUSH Life >> DIY

Celebrate summer solstice by getting out into nature and following our steps to build your own fairy garden filled with whimsy and fun! >>

Jun 06.18

10 Things You Might Not Know About Patchouli

Posted In: LUSH Facts

There are plenty of uses and associations for patchouli and the distinct essence it carries. Turn over a new green leaf on Patchouli with these ten tidbits. >>

Jun 06.15

Employee Profiles: LUSH Dads

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Careers

This Father’s Day, we tip our hats to all of those LUSH gents that bring so much to their jobs and co-workers, as well as their beautiful families at home. >>

Jun 06.13

Gorilla Perfumes: Meet our Perfume Panel

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Gorilla Perfume

We asked several renowned perfume lovers from around our business to spritz us with their favorite scents and tell us what they mean to them. >>

Jun 06.12

Product Reviews: Our Customers Rate Their Favorites

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Tips and Tricks

Luckily, (for us and for you), to help new and old LUSH customers learn more about our products we have incredible customer feedback AKA - product reviews that are honest, helpful and detailed, on our website. >>

Jun 06.5

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Posted In: Green >> LUSH Life

Come through our virtual garden gate, to our Pinterest board How Does Your Garden Grow? for a tour of our virtual dream garden. >>