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Brynn Diaz

Known as Brynn, the one and the only, just finished her tenth holiday with LUSH North America and never tires of showing kids a Bath Bomb fizz for the first time when she is working in the shops. She opened the Santa Monica shop in 2003 as an enthusiastic, environmentally and ethically aware university graduate, with a love of very old books, writing, surfing, and yoga. She went on to help LUSH expand in the LA market, managing various stores, until relocating to San Francisco to manage the Powell Street shop. In 2007, she was a founding member of the LUSH Talent Resource Team, and has since led the retail recruiting efforts as LUSH North America grew from 30 shops to 166 and counting. She lives and works as LUSH Talent Resource Manager in Oakland, California, where she loves to cook, hike, and support her local farmers market when she isn’t recruiting excellent talent to work for LUSH.

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May 05.9

Being a Working Mum at LUSH

Posted In: Careers >> LUSH Life

We have some amazing working moms at LUSH, we appreciate and respect their dedication and contributions at work, knowing that everyday they have to go home and give that same energy and enthusiasm to their kids. >>

Feb 02.17

LUSH Careers: Living the LUSH Life

Posted In: Careers >> LUSH Life

Many of us long-term LUSH employees are asked how we got our dream job at LUSH. Often the answer is that they started their career at the "top" as a part-time employee during our busy holiday season. >>