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Meghan Campbell

Meghan, (fondly known as Hermione) is a member of our brand and product training team and calls the vibrant Canadian metropolis of Toronto home. When Meghan isn't working to spread the LUSH love across North America, she goes antiquing, reads books and writes (she swears she'll write a novel one day if it's the last thing she does!). She's got an ever-growing collection of fridge magnets from her travels and dreams of someday meeting Jeff Goldblum.

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Jun 06.3

5 steps to smooth summer legs

Posted In: Tips and Tricks

Meghan gives us the lowdown on how to keep your legs soft, smooth and ready for summer. >>

Feb 02.26

Healthy hair in cold weather: Tips and Tricks

Beat the winter hair blues with these tips on preventing static and damage. >>

Nov 11.21

Winter Skincare Part 2: For the Whole Body

Stay soft and smooth all over, all season! >>

Oct 10.27

Winter is coming! Is your skin ready?

Posted In: How To >> Product Use

Tips for transitioning your facial skincare for the colder weather >>