Tasha Dennis

The most recent addition to the copywriting team, Tasha is eager to spread her wings and deliver the LUSH word (and the love) to the masses. She has been a writer for many years, but has found her true passion with LUSH, where she knows she can make a difference by doing the one thing she loves most – writing – and can’t wait to see where this journey takes her creativity. And when she’s not putting together whole sentences and paragraphs for all things LUSH? Tasha can be found at concerts, reading, hiking, biking and generally staring directly into the Vancouver sun before the rain steals it away.

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Sep 09.12

How it’s made: New Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion

Charity Pot

A whole lot of love and care goes into making our new Charity Pot hand and body lotion, including seven Slush Fund ingredients from around the world. >>

Tasha Dennis
Sep 09.8

Get the Look: Long Hair

How To

If you’re looking to revive long hair, Colleen can help! She shares with us her LUSH secret to gorgeous, healthy-looking hair. >>

Tasha Dennis
Sep 09.1

Introducing 3 new self-preserving products

Behind the Scenes

Our inventors have been busy reformulating some of our most popular creations to make them self-preserving! Check ‘em out! >>

Tasha Dennis
Aug 08.29

3 ways to gorgeous braids

How To

Sported in beautiful manes for hundreds of years, the braid (or plait) gets hair up and away with minimal effort – and the results are gorgeous! We’ve enlisted the braiding expertise of three LUSH ladies known for their lovely locks. Here are their top tips for achieving three different looks. >>

Tasha Dennis
Aug 08.25

Get the Look: Short Hair

How To >> Tips and Tricks

If you’ve got short hair and don’t know where to start, meet Anton. He shows us how to style his short hair with some of his (and our!) favorite LUSH products. >>

Tasha Dennis
Aug 08.22

Our favorite YouTube reviews starring LUSH shampoos

Video >> Tips and Tricks

There are thousands of video reviews and product demos by LUSHies on YouTube! We share some of our favorite shampoos- focused videos we think you’ll absolutely love! >>

Tasha Dennis
Jul 07.21

African Paradise: Hand-picked ingredients that do a world of good

Ethical Buying

Love our new African Paradise Body Conditioner? So do we! And we can’t say enough good stuff about it. Learn more about how much good goes into that little pot and how much good comes out of it. >>

Tasha Dennis