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May 05.21

The process of invention

Behind the Scenes

Why do we do what we do? Because what’s inside makes all the difference! >>

Tasha Dennis
May 05.18

How it’s Made: Brazilliant Shampoo Bar

Behind the Scenes

Madu takes us behind the scenes to make Brazilliant >>

Katy Cobb
Mar 03.8

Celebrating International Women’s Day with RAW Beauty Talks

Behind the Scenes

Meet Erin Treloar, the woman behind Raw Beauty Talks >>

Katy Cobb
Nov 11.19

How it’s Made: Santa Baby Lip Tint

Behind the Scenes >> Video

Ever wondered how we make Santa Baby lip tint? Watch to find out! >>

Katy Cobb
Nov 11.9

How it’s made: Golden Wonder Bath Bomb

Behind the Scenes >> Video

Ever wondered how we make Golden Wonder? Watch to find out! >>

Katy Cobb
Sep 09.30

The mysterious world of herbs

Behind the Scenes

When we choose ingredients for our creations, we know that every one works its own little bit of magic to give you the best results. But before they were LUSH ingredients, we uncover their curious beginnings. >>

Leigh Casbourne
Sep 09.5

Our history of trichology

Behind the Scenes

What is trichology, anyway? And why does it help shape the way we think about our haircare products? Read on to find out what's at the root of our business! >>

Amanda Sipenock