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Sep 09.12

Charity Pot: Handmade with Love

Our Charity Pot partners, Fur Bearer Defenders, rolled up their sleeves and gave us a hand making Charity Pot hand and body lotion at our Vancouver factory. >>

Aug 08.31

Erasing Bullying: Inspiring change through community

Bryce Evans, artist and founder of The One Project has partnered with LUSH to create the impactful artwork for our Erase Bullying campaign. We recently chatted with Bryce about his experience creating a raw and truthful campaign. >>

Katy Cobb
Aug 08.31

“I was bullied”: How one LUSH employee’s honesty got us all talking

Sina Kamran, floor leader in our LUSH Square One shop in Mississauga, Ontario recently opened up about his personal experience with bullying during the filming of Undercover Boss Canada. As a result, we invited Sina to Vancouver to develop the concept and direction for our North American campaign, Erase Bullying. >>

Katy Cobb
Aug 08.29

Inspiring Mobility Miracles at the Movement Centre of Manitoba

LUSH Life >> Charity Pot >> Community

LUSH not only supports national and international non-profit organizations through their charitable givings program, but they honestly do care about what’s happening at the local level. >>

Vanessa Lamont
Aug 08.23

Monitoring Sea Turtles with RED Sustainable Travel

Charity Pot >> Community

LUSH staff traveled to Magdalena Bay, Baja to embark on a conservation adventure with LUSH Charity Pot partners, RED Sustainable Travel. >>

Aug 08.16

Join us for National Honey Bee Day!

Charity Pot >> LUSH Life >> Community

August 17th is National Honey Bee Day and we're creating a buzz and celebrating with our Charity Pot partner, Honey Love! >>

Vanessa Lamont
Aug 08.6

Participating in the 4th Annual Healing Walk

Charity Pot >> Community

The Healing Walk joined people from all over North America for the spiritual healing of the earth, the people and the divisions of families and communities affected by the tar sands. >>


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