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Apr 04.24

LUSH-inspired edibles: Kale chips

LUSH Life >> Recipe

Adding kale into your everyday is easy with this recipe! >>

Tasha Dennis
Apr 04.10

LUSH-inspired edibles: Strawberry Rose Sorbet

DIY >> LUSH Life

Don’t just stop and smell the roses – eat them! >>

Katy Cobb
Dec 12.18

Buy Fair Trade Chocolate for Christmas

Ethical Buying

We talk cocoa with Theo, a Seattle-based chocolate maker. >>

Meghann Shantz
Nov 11.5

Repurpose Your Fur and go Fur-free

Tips on how to make your fur - and your wardrobe - fur-free. >>

Meghann Shantz
Oct 10.31

Happy Howl-oween from LUSH!


Happy Howl-oween, LUSHies! We share our favorite costumes that we think are simply puuuurfect! >>

Tasha Dennis
Oct 10.17

8 Ways to Have a Green Halloween


Add a little green to your black and orange this Halloween. We’ve got a few handy tricks that will make your Halloween an eco-friendly treat! >>

Tasha Dennis
Oct 10.14

5 Famously Haunted Places


Want to get your freak on? We found five of the scariest places across the nation that you need to visit…if you dare! >>

Tasha Dennis