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Jul 07.3

Going #finfree: the next generation

Community >> Animal Rights

Inspiring youth are taking action against shark finning. >>

Meghann Shantz
Jun 06.5

Fighting plastic pollution with 5 Gyres

Ethical Campaigns

A non-profit dedicated to fighting microbead pollution >>

Loranda Vazquez
Aug 08.23

Monitoring Sea Turtles with RED Sustainable Travel

Charity Pot >> Community

LUSH staff traveled to Magdalena Bay, Baja to embark on a conservation adventure with LUSH Charity Pot partners, RED Sustainable Travel. >>

Jun 06.8

It's World Oceans Day: We're Celebrating and Protecting!

Green >> LUSH Life

Today is World Oceans Day, a global celebration to appreciate the incredible resource that the ocean provides and work to conserve it for the future. >>