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Jan 01.7

Fan Art Hall of Fame

Community >> LUSH Life

We’ve got the best fans out there, including some very creative people who express their enthusiasm for LUSH through art work and loving letters. We wanted to let you know that we appreciate your passion and love looking at photos of your LUSH-inspired drawings, paintings, jewelry, stationary and more! >>

Loranda Vazquez
Feb 02.15

Georgina's Skincare Diary

LUSH Life >> Product Use

Georgina diligently kept a skincare diary for two weeks while she tried two LUSH moisturizers. And what did she think? Read on, friends! >>

Julia Hamfelt
Feb 02.15

Perfume Prose: Inspired by Customers

Gorilla Perfume

How would you describe your favorite Gorilla Perfume? Brittney Poulson's description of Breath of God painted a beautiful picture for us, so we did the same in return. >>

Julia Hamfelt
Jan 01.30

Charity Pot Gets Nevada Growing

Charitable Givings at LUSH goes beyond Charity Pot and donations. We also love to host parties in our shops with our Charity Pot partners to increase their visibility, and our employees volunteer year round across North America, (and even around the world). >>

Vanessa Lamont