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Sep 09.23

Quick Tips: Let the Good Times Roll

We heard your cries of disappointment—and everyone’s favorite cleanser is back for good! Let the Good Times Roll is now a permanent part of our cleansers range. >>

Julia Hamfelt
Nov 11.20

LUSH Christmas: Melting Snowman

Video >> Tips and Tricks

Melt away your tensions with the help of our friend The Melting Snowman. He's back for another holiday season but this year he has a new, spicy scent! >>

Vanessa Lamont
Oct 10.30

Quick Tips: Bubble Bars

Video >> Tips and Tricks >> How To

When you escape to the tub, the bubble bath you sink into should be so thick and fluffy that you can wrap yourself into it. Our solid Bubble Bars do just that, and more. >>

Vanessa Lamont
Oct 10.22

Quick Tips: Dirty Shaving Cream

Video >> Tips and Tricks >> How To

Want smoother moves? Jeff Brown is back to share his quick tips for getting down and Dirty... >>

Vanessa Lamont
Oct 10.19

Quick Tips: The Ultimate Bath

Video >> Tips and Tricks >> How To

Now that the days are getting colder and darker there's nothing more soothing than hibernating in the safe confines of a luxurious bath. >>

Vanessa Lamont
Oct 10.10

Quick Tips: Mask of Magnaminty

Video >> Tips and Tricks >> How To

Product Trainer Jeff Brown shares his expert tips to get the most out of your mask, even for sensitive and bearded types. >>

Vanessa Lamont