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Jan 01.13

The LUSH Spa has arrived in New York and Philadelphia

After months of preparation, our very first LUSH Spas in North America are now open and taking appointments. >>

Dec 12.18

How Not To Get Invited Back Next Year: Party Behaviors to Avoid

Posted In: LUSH Life

While you can be forgiven for the occasional elastic waistband, over-enthusiastic renditions of holiday carols, and for taking an extra trip to the punch bowl, there are some party behaviours that you should keep under wraps. >>

Nov 11.18

Get the Party Started with Ponche

Posted In: Handmade >> How To

We searched far and wide to bring you the perfect recipe for a seasonal fruity punch that's sure to keep your spirits bright. >>

Nov 11.17

Party Season is Here: 10 Tips to Get You Ready

Posted In: LUSH Life >> Top Rated >> How To

Treat yourself to a trip to LUSH and you'll be anticipating the getting-ready part as much as the party itself. Read our tips to truly luxuriate in the moments of getting ready... >>