Mar 03.18

Ojoba Women's Shea Butter Collective: Empowering Women with Ethical Trade

This past February, we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime and traveled to meet the women of Ojoba and witness the impact making Shea butter has had on their lives... >>

Julia Hamfelt
Mar 03.14

Hoppy Easter!


When you unwrap your Hoppy Easter gift you’ll find a duo of fresh vegan bathing treats to keep your bath time hoppin’. So what does the bunny have hidden in his tummy? >>

Katy Cobb
Mar 03.13

13 Memories from Hugging It Forward in Guatemala

LUSH Values >> Charity Pot >> Community

Aimee O’Donnell Saunders went to Guatemala to work with Hug It Forward. She shares 13 memories from her travel journal. >>

Mar 03.12

How to Choose a Shampoo

Tips and Tricks

Washing with the best ingredients to support your hair and scalp goals makes an incredible difference in your mane condition. Choose a shampoo based on what washes up >>

Mar 03.11

EU Bans Animal Tested Products

We still have much more work to do, and the fight to be cruelty-free is not over - but today we're celebrating a momentous achievement. >>

Vanessa Lamont
Mar 03.9

Putting Spring Into Your Skin Care Steps

Spring: nature’s invitation to give it a go, and a fresh start. It’s also a season associated with cleaning and clearing out clutter. >>

Mar 03.8

10 Things You Might Not Know About EGGS!

Fresh >> Handmade >> LUSH Facts

Eggs offer the perfect food for hungry hair and skin, and are an important ingredient to products we can’t imagine living without. >>